Donald Fehr - Head of NHLPA
Credit: CBC Sports

As the NHL Lockout continues, the fans sit in suspense.

Both sides are now taking their battle to court.

As the NHL Lockout has approached the 92nd day and with many fans bewildered as to why this has actually happened, it seems now that even more money will now be wasted.

On lawyers.

Both the NHL and the NHLPA have taken their ball to the courtroom in trying to "outdo" the other.  The NHLPA has cited that the lockout is "illegal" and the NHL has cited that the Union is using this to receive more compensation with a new collective bargaining agreement.

What does all of this really mean?  It means that a deal with more than likely be done by January when all the lawyers ink has dried.  Both sides are taking more blows to their credibility with the current directions they are taking and the damages that may come from this could be irreparable.

The players will begin voting on December 16th if they wish to have Union Boss Donald Fehr file a "Disclaimer of Interest", which will essentially allow the Players Association to "disband" and file lawsuits on the league for locking them out.  The NHL's lawsuit  (led by NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman) was filed in the "employer friendly" state of New York to have this progress blocked in the event it is voted in favour.

With all the wasted time on trying to outmanoeuvre the other to secure a good deal for their side, they have lost arena revenue, merchandise revenue, sponsorships, the 2013 Winter Classic, the 2013 NHL All-Star Game, and millions of dollars for both sides that cannot be recovered. 

Most importantly, both sides have most likely lost a lot of fans who have funded this sport for decades.  There is no doubt that some will return, but some will also be lost. 

Seems a bit petty for negotiating leverage, does it not?