NYC Actors TweetUp
Credit: Erin Cronican

Hi Guys,


So on February 7, 2011, I attended an event called a “Tweet Up” here in New York City. The purpose of this event is for people who are in the entertainment profession, to meet, befriend and hopefully collaborate with each other. The event was put together by two working actresses here in the city named Erin Cronican & Marissa Mutascio. When I checked out their credits I said to myself “ok, this is an event that I want to attend.”

That day was nuts for me… I had an audition for a short film right after work, then met up for a date and had a great time. With my date being just before, I was already in a great mood and felt mentally prepared to meet a large group of unfamiliar people. Just like most NYC actors, I was lugging around my messenger back carrying my whole life and I didn’t know what to expect at this event.

I walked into the bar and unexpectedly bumped into one familiar face; an actress I met a few years ago. Even though I was in a good mood, running into her helped me feel even more at ease. We grabbed a few beers from the bar and were ready to mingle. After this, I was quickly greeted by many friendly faces that were very eager to talk.

Before really speaking to anyone at the event, I said to myself “I bet that this event will only have other actors in attendance” and thankfully I was mistaken. As I met people and walked around the crowd, I met acting coaches, a music composer, filmmakers, editors, writers, casting directors, singers, dancers, etc. I was pleasantly surprised and I ate my words!

Also while walking around, myself and a small group of about four continuously gravitated to each other. I don’t know how this happened but we started making fun of each other, laughing and having an amazing time together. We were giving each other advice, telling our experiences with acting related topics and it became harder and harder to separate, so we could continue meeting other people at the event.

Now in this short amount of time, because of the Tweet Up, I have shot an episode of a web series, obtained inspiration for a business venture, gained peers to attend acing classes with and mentors to further my career as a performer. The best part of this event is that I walked away with new friends who are just as passionate and driven as I am. In short, this event was WELL worth my random Monday night and I can not wait for the next on April 4th. For those who either aspire to work in entertainment or are currently doing so, I definitely encourage them to attend.