The Price is Right Free Tour

Times Square, NYC

Few items are free or inexpensive in New York City, but hold that thought. Start the NYC adventure at the Time Square Visitor Center at 1560 Broadway between 46th and 47th streets. Open seven days a week, information is found there from 8 AM to 8 PM. A fact known to few people is that lucky tourists on The Great White Way, as Times Square is often called, on Fridays, join in on a free tour Time Squaresponsored by the Center. Yes, excellent deals ARE there for the asking in New York City.

The free Times Square Walking Tour is great.  At noon on Fridays, a free tour, offered through Times Square Alliance, qualifies for status as best deal in town. Mesmerized by the lights of the entire Times Square experience, sometimes visitors leave NYC remarkably unaware. An intriguing history stands behind the region and its ubiquitous theaters. Go to Times Square Visitor's Center as a first stop. Sign up for the tour at the information desk. It is first come, first serve, so go sign up early. The behind-the scenes information is fascinating, and a few prizes are even thrown out for the folks listening intently to the historical tidbits. The statue in the center of Times Square commemorates which famous songwriter? Find out who that is. When are the lights dimmed at the theaters and for what occasion? What constitutes a Broadway versus an Off-Broadway show? The answers are surprising. Enhance a New York City vacation by having background, historical information. Not only is theater history spotlighted, but information about what is new in the area invariably comes out. The walking tour departs no matter the weather elements which are unpredictable at this most popular tourist spot.

What else can the visitor do while at Times Square Visitor's Center?  Well, first, know that there are restrooms there. That might seem trivial, but the NYC Times Square visitor ends up needing that information! Broadway show tickets and information on all shows playing highlight the offerings of the center including video clips of the shows on monitors. Invaluable to the traveler is also transportation information, subway maps, and the like. The public transportation system is world-class but takes some knowledge to avoid being intimidated by it. Subway tickets can even be purchased right there on the spot. Workers there can point the curious tourist to TKTS, the ticket booth famous for selling deeply discounted theater tickets. 

Stop for the latest information on NYC happenings. The Big Apple is a busy place with hundreds of events going on at a time. That party is a twenty-four hour one that goes on 365 days a year. The Visitor's Center can give the latest scoop on all those happenings. There is a calendar of What's Hot on the Times Square Visitor Center site online. 

Visit the mini museum while there.  History tells the tale of Times Square being a dangerous, seedy part of New York City. A renaissance to clean up the area and make it tourist friendly started over fifteen years ago. Now, it is shoulder to should tourist turf. A mini museum lives in Times Square Visitor's Center. It offers an honorarium to the perilous past and bright future of NYC. G-rated peep-booths give a look into that not so bright past. Visitors' only prior-to-visiting experience with NYC might well be the televised New York Eve famous ball drop. A  ball graces the museum for up-close viewing.

Enjoy the trip to NYC. Truly there is no place like it on earth. Give those regards to Broadway while visiting. Oh, yes, those are the lyrics to a famous song about NYC. The savvy visitor will see after the free tour!