Information about the song Strong Again by N Dubz

Now I will be telling you what the lyrics are for the song Strong Again by N Dubz. N Dubz first released this song on 9th February 2009 and it was made in the United States. Even though it was released on 2009 N dubz recorded the song on 2008. The members in this singing group are Dino Contostavlos (also known as Dappy and he is the main person in the group), Tula Contostavlos (also known as Tulisa who is cousins with Dappy) and Richard Rawson (who is also known as Fazer and is school/ child hood friends N dubz against all oddswith Dappy and Tulisa). The length of this song is around three minutes and fourteen seconds. The types of genres for this song are: Hip Hop and rap core. Did you know that N Dubz write their own songs, so they even wrote this song? They weren’t the producer though; in fact the two producers who helped out were Fraser T. Smith and Kane Robinson. As you can see as well as the singer’s producers, song writers and etc are also important to. The label for this song is all around the world. So if I were you I’d carry on reading because I’d definitely want to know the lyrics for this song and I’m really sure that you do to.   

Extra Information about the song Strong Again by N Dubz

Wasn’t that just incredible? Well I don’t know about you but I definitely think so. Now you know the lyrics (or part of the lyrics) you can now press play on that music video below andN dubz now you can also start singing along with the song strong again (which was sung by N dubz) and you can also watch their exclusive music video I have put up for you. So now you can do all three things at once especially if you know the song with out looking at the words (not even once). So I hope you have enjoyed singing with this singing group called N dubz. I also hope you enjoyed reading the lyrics for this song as much as I had fun telling you about N dubz exclusive single which is strong again. 

N-Dubz - Strong Again