N dubz introduction

In this review I will be telling you about a famous singer group called N dubN dubz against all oddsz. Before the group was called N dubz they were called Likkle Rinsers Crew. In this group there are 3 singers who are called Dappy, Tulisa and Fazer. Their real names are Dino Contostavlos (Dappy), Tula Contostavlos (Tulisa) and Richard Rawson (Fazer). Dappy and Tulisa are cousins and Fazer is a best friend to them. If you don’t know who they are you can see a picture of them. They’ve been performing since 2000. When they were kids they lived in an extremely bad way which includes bullying, drug abuse, violence, depression, financial difficulty, swearing and gang culture. This group does singing, rap, hip hop, R&B and grime. The first song they ever released was Better not waste my time. They have 3 albums so far which is Uncle B, against all odds and Love, Live, Life. Carry on reading if you want to know more about these 3 singers (Dappy, Tulisa and Fazer).  


Dappy was born on 11th June 1987 and his birth place is in London in Camden Town. He does Hip Hop, grime and DappyRap. Dappy is a singer songwriter, rapper and an actor. He has collaborated with Skepta, Maze, Gary Barlow, Wiley, Mr Hudson, Chipmunk, Tinchy stryder, Tulisa Contostavlos and Fazer Richard Rawson. Dappy has a girlfriend called Kaye and has 2 sons. The oldest son is called Gino and the youngest son is called Milo. Tulisa was born in July 13th 1988 and her birth place was in London in Camden Town as well. She does hip hop, R&B and grime. She is a singer, songwriter, actress and a model. She can also play the guitar. You must know that Tulisa is now judging in Britain’s X Factor with Louis Walsh, Kelly Rowland and Gary Barlow. Fazer was born in February 5th 1987 and he was born in London in Camden. He does hip hop, rap and grime. He is a singer, rapper, songwriter, producer, Dj and actor. He can also play the keyboard, drums and piano. Fazer has associated with Tulisa Contostavlos, Dino Contostavlos (Dappy), Tinchy Stryder, Mr Hudson, Chipmunk, Gary Barlow, Wiley, Tinie Tempah, MZ Bratt and kano.


The reason N dubz became famous was because of Dappy’s dad Byron Contostavlos. Byron Contostavlos was the one who helped all three of the great singers they are now to become a magnificent successful singer group. Dappy’s dad died on April 12th 2007. When Dappy’s dad died N dubz dedicated a song for his dad which is called Papa can you hear me? Now I will be naming the tours N dubz went on and what year it was on (in order). In 2009 they went on an Uncle B tour, N dubz Christmas party, Club land live (supporting act). On 2010 N dubz went on the against all odds tour and on 2011 they went on the Love, Live, Life tour. Now I will be naming all of their songs in their new album Love, Live, Life.


N dubz album Love, Live, Life

This album contains the songs Intro, Best Behaviour, TN dubz love, live, life coverook it all away, Living for the moment, Love, Live, Life, Scream my name, Love Sick, Toot it and boot it, Skit, So alive, Girls, Cold Shoulder, Morning star, Outro, No regret and (bonus track) We dance on.

N dubz movie being N dubz and dub plate drama

If you’re a really big N dubz fan then you must have watched their film which is beinN dubzg N dubz and dub plate drama. If you haven’t then you can find being N dubz on you tube (Channel 4) and you can buy dub plate drama series 1 or Dub plate drama series 2 online. You can also go and purchase the film in from stores. Carry on reading if you want to know more songs that N dubz have created up until this point.


N dubz song listFazer

N dubz have created (some songs may be on there own) spaceship, ouch, playing with fire, acoustic, better not waste my time, comfortable, cover, I don’t wanna go to sleep, I swear, hangover, early days, ouch, duku man, Suck, defeat you, don’t get nine, everyday of my life, every time we touch, let me be, man who can’t be moved, love for my slum, you shoulda put something on, wouldn’t you, work, N dubz vs. Naa, under cover lover, strong again, stuttering, secrets, say it’s over, so alive, knocking down my own door, no one knows, pushy, papa can you hear me, na na, number 1 missing you and there are many more songs that N dubz have made. If you haven’t heard a couple of the songs, or any of their songs you can just listen to the songs on you tube. 

N dubz Awards

N dubz have won 5 awards so far but they are planning on getting more later on. Now I will be naming what awards N dubz have won and what awards they have lost.  In 2007 N dubz won a MOBO award for the best UKN dubz award newcomer. In 2008 they were nominated from two urban music awards which is the best group and best music video (which in their case was Ouch). In 2009 N dubz won 02 silver clef awards which was for a digital award, they won a MOBO award which was for best UK act and they also won a BRIT award for the best album which was Uncle B. In 2010 they were nominated in the BRIT award for British single (number 1 by Tinchy Stryder and Dappy) and they won a MOBO award for best song which in their case was playing with fire which features Mr Hudson.

N dubz vs Lethal Bizzle

N dubz and Lethal Bizzle are really bad enemies. When this fight had started Tulisa was left in tears. Apparently Lethal Bizzle sent Tulisa a track of his new song and N dubz ripped some of the song out and put it in their single I need you but Dappy and Fazer said that they made their trackLethal Bizzle VS N dubz two weeks before Lethal Bizzle sent Tulisa his song. Since then Lethal Bizzle and N dubz have hated each other a lot. I hope you enjoyed reading this review as much as I had telling you about the group N dubz.

N dubz Morning Star

N dubz I Need You