Nachi Cocom Beach Resort

The Experience

When traveling to an unfamiliar place such as a foreign country it can often be diffcult to decide how to spend your day. Before I go on a trip I spend many hours researching places and reading reviews to try to make the most out of my vacation time.

The first few times I visited Cozumel I was travel rookie. I found myself wasting valuable time in a tropical paradise visiting commercialized shops that sold mass-produced Mexican souvenirs. Eventually I decided to start doing a few tour excursions. After trying several other beach resorts, I found Nachi Cocom, which is located on Cozumel's western coast. 

The next time I visited Cozumel by cruise ship, I quickly disembarked and found a taxi. Taxi's from the cruise piers are $15.00 each way for up to 4 people. After riding in the flying taxi of death we arrived at the gates. While I was happy that the taxi ride was almost over, I was quite apprehensive about taking the bumpy gravel road into the woods. I am always cautious in unfamiliar place's and this didn't look like the entrance to a resort to me. Once we reached the end of the road I was very pleasantly surprised.

What To Expect

The resort itself is beautiful. The beach is composed of soft light tan sand which appeared to be kept very clean. I have been to many beaches that were trashy and covered in seaweed, but that was not the case here. The water temperature can vary by as much as 5 degrees, but it's typically around 80 degrees. If you have a few of the free frozen cocktails you won't even notice the chill of the water. Giant island palapas blanket the beach chairs from the relentless Mexican sun. For those who like to relax in a hammock, those are also provided in an area sprawling with palm trees. For guests who enjoy pools and hot tubs, these are also provided, complete with a swim up bar.

All Inclusive Amenities

Nachi offers all-inclusive amenities for approximately $55 per day. This includes free domestic beers, bottled water and mixed drinks. What I found amazing was that even shots were free. Many other resorts I have been to did not allow guests to order shots. The bartenders are extremely friendly and are there to make sure you have a great time. If you choose to lay on the beach, waiters will bring you drinks faster than you can drink them. The extensive menu is available for delivery to your beach chair or in the covered dining area. The cuisine consists of fajitas, quesadillas, salads, chicken wings, nachos, fresh pico de gallo (hot!) and many other dishes. Each person gets an appetizer, main dish and dessert. The food is excellent and more than enough to fill any hungry stomach.

Guest Limit and Paid Amenities

Other features that travelers may enjoy include limited access to the club and the availability of paid services. Nachi Cocom only allows 100 guests per day. This eliminates thousands of people from showing up when the cruise ships dock. While making it quiet, you must be sure to book your pass early to ensure availablity. For a fee, guests also have access to banana boat rides, jet ski rentals, snorkeling tours, parasailing and beach massages.

Since my first trip to Nachi Cocom I have returned multiple times. Each time (over years) I find the same bartenders and waiters. It is a great experience to go back and be greeted by familiar and friendly faces. I would recommend this resort to anyone traveling to Cozumel who is looking for a relaxing day, tropical drinks and great service, all while enjoying beautiful scenery!

Nachi Cocom Beach Shot

The beach at Nachi Cocom, Cozumel Mexico

Swim up bar at Nachi Cocom

Nachi Cocom Swim Up Bar Cozumel Mexico