It is possible to legally change the name of a woman after a divorce. However many people do not worry much about changing their names as there are many other things to consider. But if a woman really wants to change her name it is possible.

Also it is true that changing your name to your maiden name helps a woman to return to her former self. Generally women find it difficult to adjust with the divorce at least for some time. The name change is a good step towards the acceptance and recovery from divorce. So the name change after divorce is a positive thing for many women. These are the benefits attached to the name change after divorce.

A woman can include the request for changing her name in the divorce papers. This is convenient compared to going for a change later. Name change after divorce is up to the woman. Although it is not necessary, if a woman wants it, it is easily possible. If this is not done as above you will have to file another request for it. This will be difficult and so it is better to finish everything in one step.

Once you have changed your name you will have to change your name on your driving license. It is also necessary to change the name of an employee legally. You will have to change the name in other documents like bank documents etc. The copy of the judgement will include the change of name also. This has to be collected from the office of the court's clerk.

Do not forget to inform everybody you know about the change. One important thing regarding name change after divorce is answering to different people. Those people who know you only by the name you used before the divorce may take sometime to get familiarised with the change. You have to be well- prepared to answer those questions.

Another thing regarding name change after divorce is to convince your children. This is not a big task but you have to do it carefully. Just tell them about the change as simply as you can. If you tell them directly it will avoid many problems.

It is better to stick to your old name after divorce as this may avoid a lot of complications that can arise if you wish to adapt a new name. Nowadays it is possible to change the name of the children also but this is possible only if the court realises that it will not have negative effects on the child. Name change after divorce for a child is easier nowadays compared to old times.

Generally the judges consider several facts before deciding on a name change for children when their parents are granted divorce. These facts include the time period when the name of the father was used by the child, the relationship between mother and child etc. This is to ensure that the change of name will not affect the child.