Destiny is something every one of us is interested in knowing in advance. There are several ways to predict the future. Numerologists use inputs like the date of birth and full name as on birth certificate etc to do such predictions. To arrive at the Destiny number which points to what our destiny would be the full birth name, including the middle name if any, of the individual is used. The Numerology Destiny Number can reveal things like important events in life, suitable occupations, our purpose of life etc. Destiny number, in other words, is the number that describes the talents and attitudes at your disposal in this lifetime. Destiny numbers also reveals the influence of your birth name over ones destiny in life. For calculating this number nick name, marital name, shortened name, names with suffixes or titles cannot be used.

It is often heard people saying, "What's in a name?" According to Dr. C.V. Rajarajan, the father of nameology, Name is the one and only thing, the most important thing for the ups and downs of a human being or a nation. According name numerology the name of an individual is everything. The name of an individual can reveal who you are personally. Every name carries great significance and corresponds to a symbolic number that defines the main characteristics of ones personality. If we can understand what potential and resources we can use it for the betterment in life. In order to calculate a Destiny Number based on birth name write the full name as given at the time of birth including the middle name with wide spaces in between and space next to or under each letter for the number. Assign numbers to the alphabets according to list given below where every alphabet is assigned a number which ranges from one to nine.

Pythagorean Table showing Numeric Value for Alphabets

For instance let us calculate the Destiny number of JENNIFER JOANNA ANISTON on the basis of the table given above.


15559659 161551 1591265

ADD the numbers to a single digit

4+5 = 9 1+9=10 2+9=11

9 1+0=1 1+1=2

Now we have three numbers - for the first, middle and last names out of which the total of the first name can reveal Jennifer's personal and unique destiny uninfluenced by other factors, such as your family. The middle name number can reveal unknown, hidden elements of Jennifer's destiny like her talents or potential. The last name number can reveal the role that Jennifer's heritage and family's history can play in her destiny and that she would be passing down to other generations of her family. For interpretations the total of the first, middle and last names (9+1+2=12=1+2=3) and the individual totals are used. Some times the total can be the master numbers 11 or 22 which has special significance in interpretation. As a person with a Name Numerology Destiny Number 3 Jennifer is an enthusiastic, optimistic and fun-loving personality.

For more on the significance and meaning of each destiny number from 1 to 9 and the master numbers 11 and 22 and Wearing Gemstones based on Numerology keep a watch on my future articles on numerology.