For most people, our dogs are part of the family and by using name tags for dog collars, you can try and keep them as safe as possible.

If a pet manages to wander off, especially from loud noises, or if you are visiting somewhere with a pet, having some ID on them is one step to getting them back safe and sound.  If they end up being picked up by the local animal shelter, having ID on their collar can help to get the safe return of your pooch.

Many people choose to get their dog micro chipped, which is a brilliant idea, but some smaller towns and animal shelters do not always have a scanner available, especially if it is a mobile unit that finds your pet (I have experienced this), so by having additional information on the  collar is an extra layer of security.

Make sure your pooch has a good strong collar such as the english bridle leather dog collars or something similar that is not going to fall off, and then attach a good quality ID for dog collars.  These are usually designed not to rust, and you can get the important information engraved on them.Name Tags for Dog Collars

If a pet of yours has a medical condition, this is the perfect place to put the information.  This way if the dog is in distress when it is found, a veterinarian who is unfamiliar with your pooch will be able to help him or her. 

Name Tags For Dog Collars

Just like with humans, carrying a medical alert tag or card in your wallet can help you when you are sick or injured if you have a medical condition you can't tell anyone about since you are not well.  Having this information on the pet tag can be very helpful to anyone who finds your pooch, as well as the pet's name and his or her home phone number.

it doesn't take much for a pet to wander off.  I know our dogs hate fireworks, and if I don't have them tucked safely away on celebration nights when fireworks are used, they would run off.  I have also found a dog wandering, and when I saw that it had a dog collar on, I was able to assume it was someone's pet and not wild, and then approached it cautiously to see if it had a tag and it did.  I was able to phone the owners who were very upset about their dog wandering off.

Now we can see how important these are for your pets, but at the same time they don't have to be boring!  You can get simple and plain ones, but you can also get ones that are like pieces of jewellery for your pet!  For dogs or cats.  You can get pieces of art to decorate their collar with, such as bone shaped ones and ones with pictures, but they always carry the important bits of information on the back.

Some manufacturers of english bridle leather dog collars will offer ones that can be attached right to the collar while being custom made. 

Or you can simply check at your local pet store or online at sites such as Amazon.  You can send them your information and have it engraved on a sturdy pet tag.  It is not expensive and will give you that extra layer of security when trying to find your poochie.