Any students of the bible or just of angels in general are curious about names of angels in the bible.  There are only a few names of angels in the bible mentioned directly.  Most of the other names come from other sources, which strict Christian followers would discount. 

 In different branches of religion are thought of in different lights, just like everything else, so the descriptions listed further down are just general thoughts or not accepted by all.

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 Archangels – Michael

 The archangel Michael name means “Who is like God?”  Michael is thought of at the leader of the Army of God and in the Book of Revelations it describes a battle where Michael and his followers fought Satan and his followers, throwing them out of heaven.  So we see that when Satan rebelled against God, Michael helped throw him out of heaven.

 Michael is also considered the angel of death, visiting each soul as it leaves this world and goes to the next.  He allows the souls a chance to redeem themselves, hoping to thwart Satan.

 The angel Michael is also weighs the soul on his scales, checking to see if the good outweighs the bad that has been done while on the earth in this life.

 Lastly, Michael was also thought to be the patron saint of the Chosen People in the Old Testament.  This was accepted to such a degree, that Jewish leaders had to fight hard to make sure their people did not pray to the angels for help, but directly to God.  With Michael being known as a patron saint, some cities use this and consider him their patron also.

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 Archangel – Gabriel

 The angel Gabriel is mentioned by name only twice in the Bible.  Both times, he is seen to beannouncing the future.  He is the angel that appeared in Luke announcing the births of Jesus and of John the Baptist. 

 In Islam Gabriel was the one god sent to reveal the Qur’an to Muhammad and he talked to a lot of the prophets.  He is also thought to be one of the three angels that visited Abraham to tell him of the future birth of Isaac.

 There is not a biblical source for it, but Gabriel is often shown to be announcing the end times and the resurrection by the blowing of a trumpet.

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 Archangel – Raphael

 The angel Raphael is not mentioned in the Bible by name.  Raphael appears in the Book of Tobit, accepted by Roman Catholic, Orthodox Christians and Anglicans.  In this book, he declares that he has healing powers and he accompanies Tobit’s son, Tobiah on a journey.  So he is considered the patron saint of medical workers and travelers.  Raphael also helps Sarah, a woman afflicted by a demon, so he is also considered the patron saint of matchmakers.

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 Satan / Lucifer

Satan most generally refers to the fallen angel, the one that rebelled against God.  He was the most favored, and thought that he should be equal to God.  In the Bible, he tempted Adam and Eve with the apple in the guise of a snake.  He was also responsible for tempting Job, among lots of other misdeeds.  He is the one that all followers of Christ are fighting off.

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 Abaddon / Apollyon

 The exact nature of Abaddon is hard to identify.  Some passages in the Bible describe Abaddon as a place, as in hell or the underworld, or the bottom of the bottomless pit.  Others describe Abaddon as the angel of death, or the king at the bottom of the bottomless pit.  Others just consider it another name for Satan or Lucifer.

 Believe it or not, those are all the names of angels in the Bible.  The rest of the stories of angels in the Bible do not name the angels.  In some cases, scholars are able to attribute the story to one of the angels already named, like Gabriel or Michael, and at others times, we do not know what the name of the angel is.  Other names of angels come from other sources.