=== Naming a Business ===

Are you having difficulties coming up with a name for a new venture (or new product)? One approach is to stare at the stars at night until something good comes to mind. Though inspirational, you might want to consider another method. I have used the following technique to suggest over 100 names to new enterprises. Does naming a business impact a business?

The Market

Naming a BuildingCredit: kconnors, cc, morguefileTo begin with, I ask myself several key questions. Who is the likely customer or target audience? What is the unique value of the business? Who could use their products? What is unique about their products? What will catch a potential buyer's eye? How can we leverage a customer's pre-conceived understanding of a word, twist it a bit, and build a brand?

The Genesis

Break the theme into small words to work with. For example, word play with the following base words: cosmic, mini, shoe. If necessary, use a thesaurus to expand the word selection into additional base units: Cosmic = galaxy, astros, universe / Mini = tiny, petit / Shoe = boot, heel, sneaker. Build a pool of base words to work with. Blend the base words in distorted ways. Use your life's experiences to create some "name blurring". Create something catchy, but not too clumsy. With clothing or garments, don't be shy to add a vowel or two to the end of the word. A leather wallet becomes a "Mannini" or "Petini" for a purse.

The Registration

Reserve your business name as a Trade Name at your state's Secretary of State office. Many states allow you to search existing Trade Names online to save you time in your selection process. Check with the USPTO (US Patent and Trade Office) to verify the name is not already in use or registered as a national Trademark. For reference purposes - a Registered Trademark ® is national for a product or business name, a Registered Servicemark is national for a service or process, a Trade Name is local, a DBA (Doing Business As) is local and is often used as a nickname for a business.

An Example

We recently were asked to "develop a name for a tutoring business" and arrived at the following suggestions:

- KnowledgeGate -
- Brain Trust Enterprises - the knowledge bank
- InfoZone - your information location

Next Step

If you are having troubles coming up with a name, consider ideas from a crowdsource naming site like NamingForce.

If you recently created a new name, you might want to consider writing an article on Info Barrel about the inspirational process you used to complete your quest. Open an Author's Account and share your story. After your article is published, email a copy to your friends and family to share with them your adventure.