Nancy Hayssen is a beautiful and successful plus size model, that is out to prove that you can be sexy at any size!.

This is a great accomplishment in a world where size 2 seems to be the expected norm, for which many designers create fashions for. You see that in the malls all the time, the stick thin manikin wearing the zero or 2. But things have been changing, and the retailers are changing the way they sell plus sized clothes too.

But after the publication of a very "anorexic" looking European model last year, Nancy Hayssen, decided to "take it off" for the camera to show that a curvy girl is beautiful.

Nancy Hayssen is trying to help change the modeling industry to hire more "normal sized" models, and create fashions that anyone can wear, not just size 2. 

According to statistic research, 6 out of every 10 North American Women are considered "plus size" which is size 14 and up. I am not sure when it was decided that was the magic number to go from regular sizes to plus sizes, but that number stuck.

For years, models on the runway were very thin, and may of the designs they would wear, would not fit the larger size women. The problem here, is that young teenage girls look up to these models and want to fit in and wear some of these fashions.


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But we are all different shapes, and even many young women with next to no visible fat on their bodies, can still be a 14. It all depends on your body shape. We need to have styles that can fit all sizes.

But finally designers have got the message, and now many stores are carrying all fashions, but not just those plain baggy styles, actual chic , trendy and stylish designs. Designs that hug the right curves, and make you feel good, and look your best. When you wear styles that fit your body shape, you actually look leaner.

Models like Nancy Hayssen have paved the way for more models. Another great larger curvy model is Crystal Renn, she too battled with her weight night and day to stay thin for photo shoots, until finally one day she said "enough" and although she still took good care of her body, she naturally fit into a 14, which is the "plus" category. But when you see her walk the runway in a style designed for her, she looks gorgeous.

With more and more beautiful plus size models, walking down the aisles in fashion shows, and more and more designers, taking chances on larger curvier models, there are more designs showing up in the retail market.

If you are a larger curvy girl, and want nice things to wear, then get out there and check out the stores. Shopping has never been better for the plus size girl, thanks to Nancy Hayssen, Crystal Renn and more normal sized models that are being hired to show off the latest designer fashions. They look healthy, and feel good and that shows when you see them in shows.

Nancy Hayssen is also an author, and has written a book (above).   She has also done an interview where she poses naked to prove this (tastefully of course). The short film clip gets the point across quite well.