Children need supervision.  This is true of children of all ages.  They should have supervision from their parents.  If the parents have to work the job of supervision falls to a nanny.  Just what is a nanny?  A nanny is a man or woman who will care for your children while you are at work or otherwise unable to supervise your children.  A nanny will take care of all their needs.  This includes taking the children to their after school activities and back and forth to school.  A nanny will clean up after your children, feed and clothe them and see that they get their baths.  A nanny will act as a tutor by helping your children with homework.  If first aid is required your nanny will see to it that it is administered.


If you work and are tired of taking your children to a daycare center you may want to consider hiring a nanny.  This is an alternative that really is not much more expensive than daycare.  Your nanny can live in your home with your family or can come to the house every day.  You can hire a nanny to watch your children full time or in a part time capacity.  If you have to go out of town on business you may want to hire a nanny to care for your children for the period you are away.

A nanny is not the same thing as a babysitter.  A nanny will cook and clean.  They will take the children places.  A babysitter on the other hand may come in for one or two days a month.  You might use a sitter to care for your children on the nanny’s day off.  A sitter usually will watch your children in your home but will not take them to their activities.  A babysitter can be a teen who is still in high school or a young adult.  Some will not be able to drive yet, so this is something you will want to take into consideration. 

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When you are ready to hire a nanny and get your children a stable setting you may want to check newspaper ads if you live in the city.  You can also use the internet to find a good nanny.  There are nanny services available that will set you up with nannies you can interview.  The interview process is important.  You will want to interview several nannies before you make your final decision.  Make sure you check the references of the nannies you are interviewing.  You can learn a lot from talking to previous employers.  Find out the reason the nanny is no longer working for the previous families.  Since the nanny will be taking your children in the car you are going to want to make sure they are a safe driver.  You can do this by checking their driving record.  Do they have many tickets from unsafe driving?  You want to make sure your children are in good hands at all times. 

After you interview several nannies you will want to pick a few that really appeal to you.  Invite them over for a test run of taking care of the children.  Invite them at meal time to see if they take the initiative to fix the meal or clean up after the meal.  You won’t be there to tell the nanny what has to be done so make sure she knows what to do.  A nanny will become part of the family and will be someone your children will look up to.  Make sure she is someone worthy of your children’s admiration. 

Babysitters need to have experience with children.

Being a nanny is a big job.  A nanny will be responsible for the safety and wellbeing of someone else’s children.  This is a big responsibility and should be taken seriously.  Whether you are interested in being a nanny or need a nanny remember how much responsibility is needed.  A nanny must be able to help children with their school work.  As a parent you have the responsibility of making sure the nanny is made aware of any conditions she should expect from your children.  If there are food allergies or health conditions a nanny should know everything since they will be responsible for your children for a good part of the day.