Nannies fill many roles besides just watching children.  They play teacher, driver, and cook as well.  A lot is expected of a nanny and for the most part they love every role.  It’s not just babysitting that they do.  They are expected to help with homework and to read to the smaller children.  They will cook meals that are well planned for maximum nutrition.  Quite often a nanny is expected to drive the children in their care to their activities and to school.  It takes a special person to become a nanny.


Some nannies will even do the housework for the family.  That is in addition to the cleaning after the children and making sure they have clean and pressed clothes to wear.  Many nannies will do the shopping for the children.  They make sure they have new clothes when they need them.  They will do the grocery shopping for the children.


Most parents want their children to eat well balanced meals that are high in nutrition.  The nanny will go shopping and buy healthy alternatives to junk food.  When they prepare meals you can rest assured the meals will be nutritious.  Most nannies will not allow the children in their care to snack on junk foods.  Instead children will be fed snacks of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Things like carrot sticks or a bowl of fresh strawberries is healthy and tastes great.


If a child is struggling with school work and doesn’t understand how to do their homework, nannies will take the time to tutor them.  They will go over the problems with the children and help them to understand.  Another way nannies teach children is by reading them books.  A child can learn many things by listening to a story being read.  This is especially good for young children who haven’t started school yet.


When it is time for baths the nanny will supervise bath time for older children and bathe younger children.  They will make sure a child is bathed everyday and everything is squeaky clean.  As well as baths they will make sure children brush their teeth and comb their hair.  They teach children how to be well groomed. 


Many parents who have nannies are very busy and may not be able to take their children to their activities.  A nanny will take the children and stay there to watch them as the children participate in the activities.  It could be a ballet class or a karate class, it doesn’t matter to the nanny.  The children will appreciate the fact that their nanny wants to watch them. 


Nannies can live in the house with the family or drive to work each morning.  It is important that they can drive so that taking the children places is not a problem.  Live in nannies may not make as much as ones that come to the house each day.  A nanny who lives in will live their free of charge and will also eat her meals there.  This is all compensation.  A live in nanny will also be given a car to use to run errands for the children.  Nannies who come to work each day usually drive their own car to run errands and take children places.  They do not get free board but will eat her meals at the house with the children.  It is because there is no free board and because they often use their own vehicle that a daily nanny get more money.


You will have to discuss housework with the nanny.  It is her job to clean up after the children but not to clean up after the family.  She is expected to clean the playroom and bedrooms of the children.  She is not expected to dust the house or run the vacuum unless it is in the children’s rooms.  Some nannies are willing to clean for the whole family.  You may have to pay extra for the extra work but if you are busy it will be worth it.


Nannies will keep your children safe.  They are her top priority.  They should know first aid in case a child gets hurt or becomes sick.  Hiring a nanny for a busy family will take a lot of pressure off of you.  Even if you stay at home, having a nanny is a plus.