Once a nanny goes to work for a family, she, and the children under her care develop a special relationship as time goes on. Since she spends so much time with them, they often look upon her as a second mother, or depending on her age, a grandmother figure. She is the one person, other than their own parents who they come to rely and depend on for many things. She sees them at their worst, but is also there when they are the best they can be, and she never wavers in her care or her feelings for them no matter how they behave. She treats them equally, shows no favoritism, and supervises with a firm, but loving hand.



Nannies are capable and dependable women who are willing and able to take on the duties of the household that employs them. The will be spending most of their time with the younger family members, making sure they are well cared for, and keeping them safe from harm, as well as entertaining them, feeding them, and in general, being a constant, reliable presence while their parents are at work or elsewhere. It’s easy to see why a close relationship is so easily formed, and why a nanny is a great choice as a childcare option. Parents can feel much less stressed if they know that their kids are being looked after by someone who is experienced and reliable.


Most nannies are employed for years by the same family, and they have the pleasure of watching the children grow into adulthood. They take pride in accomplishments, knowing that they have played an important and significant role in the way the kids have been raised. The children, once they are grown, treat her with the affection reserved for a valued member of the family. It’s no small wonder that working families appreciate all that a nanny does for the household on a daily basis, and while caring for the kids is the major part of her job, she also manages to get other tasks done that actually make life a little easier for everyone involved.


Indoor fun

If you have ever had a babysitter before you hired a full-time nanny, you will know that there is a big difference between the two people. Your sitter will watch over your kids while you are gone, but there is not much else required of him or her. The nanny will not only do this, but also see that they are being raised and taught properly, while at the same time being involved in the day-to-day activities that make up their life. She may help out around the home, making sure the house is neat and tidy, get the kids out and about, take them to appointments, schedule fun things for them to do, and even participate in the fun.


She is a life and time saver for busy parents, and they come to depend on the services she is capable of offering. Many things would not get done if she wasn’t there simply because there isn’t enough time to do them, and any parent who works outside the home appreciates the fact that she is the one person they can rely on to take on certain responsibilities other than childcare. If she is experienced in running a household, she may be quite willing to do this as part of her duties, seeing that everything goes smoothly and efficiently.


Babysitting-Care for the Kids

The kids are always going to be her main concern, however, since this is what she has been initially hired for. Keeping them safe and secure, seeing that they are happy, content, and well-adjusted is her first concern. Any other jobs she may perform are secondary, and nothing comes before the children under her watchful eye. Parents can go off to work secure in the knowledge that the youngsters in the family are going to be well looked after in their absence. It will make leaving them a little easier and less stressful if they know that all is well and under control when they are not able to be there. A qualified, competent nanny can truly be a lifesaver in times like this