One of the best things you can do for your growing family is provide the best childcare possible, especially if you work outside the home. Don’t hire the first person who comes along, but rather, take your time to locate someone who is going to be able to care for your family the same way you would. A person who is experienced, kind, patient, and really cares for children is who you will be searching for. Anything less than that should be unacceptable. You don’t want to hire anyone who is only applying because the salary you are offering is quite good. In fact, when you advertise your need, don’t even mention what you are willing to pay-list the qualifications and experience you are looking for instead.


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If you need someone who is available full-time, make sure you specify this also. Many nannies schedule their working hours around the needs of their clients, and some of them work for two or three families on specific days of the week. You may need or want someone who is able to work exclusively for you five days a week, or whatever days coincide with your own working schedule. When you place an advertisement it will be a good idea to make note of the hours you are looking to fill. This will allow interested nannies the opportunity to decide if they want a single, full-time position working for just one family, rather than spending their time traveling from place to place.


What, specifically, do you have in mind when you make your decision to hire a nanny? Do you want someone who is able to take over the running of your home on a daily basis? This would include housecleaning, cooking, and other duties, or are you wanting someone who is only going to take care of your children, and nothing else? Most experienced nannies fully expect to do both jobs, saving you the trouble of having to employ different people for various tasks you need done. When you start your search for this employee, make sure that you have a firm idea of what it is you are looking for, or hope to find when you begin your interviews.


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If you are looking for an all-around nanny, or one person who is willing and capable to take over all aspects of your household needs as well as providing excellent childcare, make sure you state that in your ad. This will save you the trouble and time of interviewing candidates who are only looking for part-time work, and the nanny will not be wasting her time or yours by applying for a job that is not what she had in mind. Be clear and precise in your ad, state specifically what it is you need, and a nanny who is seeking this kind of employment will have the opportunity to get in touch with you to set up a time to meet.


Someone who has all the qualifications you require will mean that you will schedule an extensive interview to learn all you can about her. Be prepared to conduct several interviews with each potential nanny before actually making your decision. Your goal is to find the one employee who is able to meet all your specifications, and providing top notch care for your kids will be at the head of your list. Housekeeping, and other duties should be secondary to the childcare you require, so when interviewing make sure you keep this in mind. Childcare first-housekeeping second! As long as you approach the hiring process with this in mind, you should have little trouble locating a nanny who is exactly the person you are seeking.


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Not exactly sure how to go about hiring a nanny for the first time? Don’t hesitate to ask friends or relatives, or even enlist their help when you start your search. Perhaps you know someone who already has a nanny working for them, and you can ask them how they located her, and what steps they took to do it. You may even ask this person to sit in on your interviews, or at least give you pointers as to what types of questions to ask. Whatever you have to do to ensure that you hire someone qualified and capable, do it. Don’t take chances with your child’s safety and well-being.