You know that your first priority will be caring for the children in the family, but your employer may ask you to perform other jobs as well. When you are being interviewed she may ask you whether or not you would be willing to do other things around the home to help her out. For instance, cleaning may be something she would like you to do while you are there if you have no objection. Many families try to combine their childcare and housecleaning jobs by having one person do both if she is able. This is perfectly acceptable as long as their nanny doesn’t mind and knows about this before she accepts the position.


Babysitters need to have experience with children.


Your day as a nanny may begin quite early in the morning if you are needed to help with the children in the family. While their parents are getting ready to go to work, you being there to tend to the kids will be a great help to them. You can help the children get dressed and ready for breakfast, while mom and dad busy themselves preparing for their day. Once it is just you and the kids in the house, you can start the routine you have grown familiar with. If you have taken on the housekeeping tasks, you probably will want to do the laundry, make the beds, run the dishwasher, and assorted other small jobs, all the while keeping an eye on the children.


Once you have gotten a good start on your cleaning, it will be time to find out what you are gong to be doing with the kids for the remainder of the morning. They may want to go outside and play, and if they have a fenced in area for this you only need to check on them once in a while and can continue on with your work. If they don’t have a specified area for play, you may want to be out there with them to supervise, especially if they are very young. Lunch time will arrive faster than you realize if you have been busy working, and it will be time to prepare a meal for both the kids and yourself. You can sit down together and talk about what they want to do for the remainder of the day. If the parents have requested, you might put them down for a nap after lunch.


Babysitting-Care for the Kids


Often, the parents may ask you to take the kids to appointments, or outings they have scheduled. This may not occur too often, but it will be a great relief to them if you don’t mind doing this. It makes it much easier for them if they know they don’t have to schedule time off from work to do this. Your job as a nanny may take on all aspects of the running of the household, but if you don’t mind, it should all work out quite well for everyone. Your main job will always be the welfare of the kids, but running the household efficiently will be very important, also. Your employers will be depending on you to see that everything runs smoothly in their absence.


Backyard Activites

Plan your day ahead of time if you are able to. Talk with the parents to see what, if anything, they have for you to do the next day outside of your normal routine. If you do this, it will actually make you more efficient, much better organized, and able to handle anything that comes along! No one can say that the job of a nanny is an easy one, but there are ways to make the workday go much simpler for you. If there are several youngsters in the home, it may get a bit chaotic at times, but you may also be able to enlist the help of these little ones around the home. They will love the idea that they are “helping” you, and be very proud of themselves. Assigning various little tasks helps teach them responsibility, and gives them a sense of pride in their accomplishments. A good nanny takes excellent care of them, but a great nanny does all that, plus more. You will not only be their caregiver, but their friend, confidante, and at times, the “parent-figure” when their own are not present.