Ever since I have started playing the free massive multiplayer online game called nanovor I have been working on my strategy and trying to build up my swarms. It is a very challenging game once you get into it, even a little addicting at times. I love the fact that it is free to play. You can buy Nanocash to do a lot of things but you can still play it at its basic awesome level for free.

When I first created my account and logged into Nanovor I was a little overwhelmed. There were a lot of things to discover and I was very excited to get to work. There is an excellent tutorial that gives you the gist of how the game play works. After I watched those I jumped right into a battle. I figured it would be easier to learn by experience.

Nanovor Online Battle Game

When I first started off building my swarm, I was provided with 3 nanovors, one from each of the 3 different nanovor species. I needed to use all 3 to create my swarm. These are the nanovors you start off with:

Nanovor Tank WalkerTank Walker: Tank walker is from the Magnamod family. He is very very powerful. He looks like a beetle with a lot of armor on his back. He moves a little slowly but certainly packs quite a punch. His most powerful attack is the Tank Gore, which uses up 3 energy. Remember that after each turn you get +2 energy.

Nanovor GigastrikerPlasma Lash: This nanovor monster is a velocitron. He looks a little more normal that the other nanovors I have seen and is very fast. The plasma lash is sneaky. His best attack is Electro-lite which costs you 2 energy but strikes against the enemy nanovor monster's speed. He also has the attack called Head whip, which does decent damage to the nanovor's health.

Nanovor Plasma LashGigastriker: This little fellow is from the Hexites family. My favorite attack of his is the meltdown. This attack costs 2 energy, and it not only cuts into the health of the enemy nanovor it also takes away one of the other players energy. This is an excellent tactical move because if the other player is using a nanovor that used attack that take a lot of energy, decreasing his energy will make is impossible for him to do the more damaging attacks.

These are only the start of the many wonderful nanovor monsters that you will discover. Always remember to play close attention to exactly what each attack will do to the enemy so that you can always be one step ahead with a strategic move. You can evolve your Nanovors by battling them and collecting badges and points called Nanovor EMs. The more EM you collect, the more evolutions and abilities you can unlock in your nanovor.

There are nanovor expansion packs you will be able to buy which will give you more EMs or let you buy new swarms to increase your nanovor collection. Every week there will be new swarms released with a total of around 300 by the end of the year. The nanovor expansion packs can be purchased online with a Nanovor Nanocash card. This is the Nanovor money cards are called nanocash that can be bought at Amazon, Best Buy, Toys R Us, and other locations.

Offline you can play Nanovor on your Nanoscope. The Nanovor Nanoscope is a super cool gadget that lets you download your swarm onto it and train them and play games to increase their power. You can even battle with up to four of your friends and win more EMs that will help you evolve.

There's a lot of room for this game to grow and expand! We're sure this game will get super popular very soon, so get in on the ground floor and start battling!