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The Nanuz Fort, sometimes listed as the Nanus Fort, is one of the places to see in Goa and it is at Sattari Taluka in North Goa. This historical example of a 17th century fort was constructed by Maratha ruler, Shivaji. If you travel to Goa, India, then you will not want to miss this interesting place to stop and see how such forts were constructed during the Portuguese Dominion.

Goa is the smallest state in the country of India and is located in the western portion of the country in Konkan. It was once ruled by the Portugese, whose reign lasted 450 years. It eventually became owned by India when it was liberated on Dec. 19, 1961.

Goa is a popular tourist spot and offers sightseeing and other things for visitors to do. Nanuz Fort is just one of the famous places that you can take a tour to while you are in Goa.

History of Nanuz Fort

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The Nanuz Fort changed hands several times during its existence and was a used by various military forces. It was overcome by the Porugese by Diapaji Rane. Rane took the Nanuz Fort and turned it into his military base.

All of these events concerning the Nanuz Fort takeovers occurred during the time frame of the early revolts which happened in Goa’s history. Rane and his men made periodic raids in the villages of Bardez and Tiswadi and used the fort as their headquarters during the times in-between their raids.

Eventually, the Nanuz Fort was taken over by soldiers that came from Quepem, as well as those from the Panjim barracks. If you are on a Goa vacation, you can see what is left of this Nanuz Fort, but there really isn’t much left behind except a few ruins where it stood. Even so, you will be able to take pictures and see what is left of this part of Goa’s history.

In order to get to the spot where the ruins for the Nanuz Fort stand, you will need to get a taxi or bike to take you there. Then, you must climb up a little hill in order to see the ruins. The Nanuz Fort is near the town of Valpoi, which you can also see on holidays to Goa, India.

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Accommodations in Goa
If you are coming on a cheap holiday to Goa, India you will be able to find a place to stay at several available hotels or hostels in the area. You can also choose to go camping and rough it near the beach.

Depending on where you choose to sleep, some hotels in North Goa may cost less than $100, while others are more expensive. You can check out price ranges and availability online before you leave on your flights to Goa, India.

All in all, the Nanuz Fort is just one of the interesting forts to see in Goa, India. There are not only several other military forts in the area, but also beaches, wildlife and several things for visitors to see and do on your holiday to Goa.