Nap Mats are Portable Bedding for Kids

Parents who work outside the home and have their child in day care or in extended day preschool have a need to purchse a nap mats for their kids.

If a child is attending a certified day care center or preschool, there are state mandates that need to be met. One of them is for a rest period if the child is there for an extended period of time (more than the regular 2.5 hours of preschool and the addition of 45 minutes to one hour for lunch).

Nap mat make rest time easier for preschool teachers and day care providers.

The Benefits of a Nap Mat From a Parent's Perspective

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When I worked full-time as a teacher and my older daughter was in day care, it was my responsibility to provide all of her bedding, which consisted of a pillow, a pillow case, sheets and a blanket. Each week I had to bring everything home to be washed.

In order to have a small amount of time to myself when I worked part-time as a teacher in my synagogue‘s preschool, I sent my twins to their extended day program twice a week. For each child, had to bring in two beach towels for rest time. One was to act like a sheet while the other was a “blanket”. Again, these items had to be taken home each week to be laundered and returned the following week.

Mommy had a lot to schlep when her kids were in the care of another!

Disney Princess Nap Mat for Girls

Sweet dreams are what your little girl will have on this pink and purple princess castle nap mat. It is easy to care for and your child will love to take naps on it.

The Benefits of a Nap Mat From a Teacher's Perspective

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The preschool where I substitute teach is now accredited by the National Association of the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). There are very strict standards that need to be met and maintained to keep this coveted recognition.

One of these standards is that the cushioned mat that the preschool provides must be covered with a sheet or with a nap mat.

If you have ever had to put crib sized sheets on a standard cushioned mat, you know that you are in for a wrestling match. These sheets just barely fit!  Take it from a woman who has to do this job on a frequent basis... it is time consuming to place them on.  And if they are not put on correctly, they will bunch while the children are lying down, and I have to go over and fix them again.

The children whose parents have provided them with a nap mat are my favorites! All I have to do is lay it on the cushion and I am done!

Nap Mat Features

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What differentiates nap mats from a portable toddler bed is that they are easy to use, wash, and carry. Nap mats are everything in one easy to roll item! When they are laid out, there is a pillow for the head, so no more bringing your own pillow and pillow case.

The blanket is attached at the side. Since it stays in one place, it does not slide off your child like a regular blanket does.

Because nap mats are lightweight, even the youngest preschooler can act like a big boy or big girl and carry it all by themselves. They roll up into a much smaller size and are easy to carry.

Best of all, the nap mat is only one item to wash, not three! Just throw it in the washing machine and tumble dry. Roll it up and it is ready for Monday morning!

This One is for Tractor Lovers!

This highly rated John Deer nap mat is sure to be a favorite with boys who love their machinery or the color green! It is easy to care for and has all of the features that make a nap map a good investment.

Traveling With a Nap Mat

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If you are visiting someone for an extended period of time, your child may tire out during the visit. By bringing some comfortable clothes, familiar books and her nap mat, your child can take a time out and rest in a quiet corner.

They are also useful for movie night at home. Kids can camp out in the family room and be comfortable!

There are many different styles of nap mats for boys and girls. The most difficult part will be having your child pick the one s/he wants to use!