Napoleon Hill, Author of Think and Grow Rich

"Think and Grow Rich" Attacks Your Mind, So Proceed With Caution

So, I am going through Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow rich" for the second time. This time, I'm listening and taking notes, as it appears I get more from listening to this material than I do from reading it. To tell you the truth, I purchased and read the book many years ago, but like a few other things in my life (ok, many other things in my life!) I did not follow through with what I read and subsequently forgot more of what I read than I care to admit. Heck, I forgot the contents completely if you really want to know the truth! Right now, I feel like I am going through this book for the first time. I love the audio version though and I love learning this way.

So, this old man is learning a few things from Napoleon Hill and this time I intend to follow through. My children will completely agree with the 'old man' part of that sentence, and as you can see, with good reason. Mind you, I'm only at chapter three (3), but "Think and Grow Rich" has already inspired me to do a few things that I am proud to share. First though, let me tell you what inspired this old guy to go back to Napoleon's classic work. A few days ago, I talked my way into joining a mastermind group with a few other guys. The young fellow (under 40 years old) in the group has literally instructed us to go back through this book and to make sure we understand the chapter on forming Mastermind Groups. So there you have it; I was pushed into it. But, that is a good thing. So far it is a great ride.

So, what am I learning from Napoleon Hill, and What has this book inspired me to do? I am glad you ask, even if I have to coax it out of you. So far, I am learning again, how to connect my desire to faith, and see that my desires, dreams, or thoughts, transform into their equivalent physical manifestations. So now, I have to practice my auto-suggestions or self-suggestion so that my subconscious mind can really dig what I want to accomplish and help me get them done. It is really a retraining process that has begun, and I am pretty confident that this will bear fruit. I figure it won't kill me, so why not!

My journey through "Think and Grow Rich" for the second time, has so far inspired this article, and a rather lengthy but interesting post on my blog, entitled "The Little White Lies You Should Tell Yourself Everyday". I think it is worth reading, and I hope you can find the time to share my thoughts on that subject as well. The other results will take some time but I am sure they will come. So far though, and I am yet to get to the chapter on mastermind groups, but I cannot rush through this book. Listening to the audio book for "Think and Grow Rich" is just not something I want to do hastily. I really have a need to spend quality time digesting what I am hearing, making notes, and putting my own goals together. Yes, before you ask, I still have goals, but that is another matter for another day or perhaps another article.

So, there you have. These are the early results of my second reincarnation as a personal development aficionado. The next few weeks promise to be exciting; and certainly should be more promising and inspiring than the usual results from my fixation with thinking and writing about colon cleanses, flatulence, and politics. My dear wife will appreciate a new subject! If you feel that you could enjoy this journey as well, you may want to go out an re-read Napoleon's classic book. Perhaps at a later date we can compare notes. Who knows where this will lead.