Here is a story from Napoleon Hill's book 'You can work your own miracles'.

One expectant father is anxiously waiting in the corridor of a hospital. Finally doctor came and instead of telling the good news, he told the father – I need to prepare you for a shock. It's a boy but unfortunately he does not have ears. He can not hear.

The father remarked, 'he may not have ears but he will not have to go deaf all through his life'.

Doctor repeated, 'No, it is not possible. Your boy does not have ears and the related equipment and as per medical science, we don't have any remedy for this. You must be prepared to face this fact'.

The father replied, 'doctor, I do respect your advice. But I found a higher principle which can act as a remedy for all human problems. But the first step to apply that principle is to refuse to accept any circumstance as inevitable'.

The doctor gave a sympathetic look to him and went away.

After 25 years, same father is in a different hospital setting. This time, an ENT specialist is checking his son, who is now 25 years old. He came out of the x-ray room and told the father, 'Amazing. This body does not have ears and related parts in his body since his birth. As per medical science he should not be able to hear. But he has 65% hearing capacity of a normal person'.

The father in the above story was Napoleon Hill himself. He applied his principles of positive mental attitude in his son's situation to bring him out of deafness and achieved what can be called a miracle.

Napoleon Hill says – if you have your mental attitude under your control, you may control any situation that affects your life, including your fears and worries of every nature.

Importance of mental attitude

You attract people and situations in to your life according to your mental attitude. Based on whether your mental attitude is positive or negative, you will achieve success or failure.

Mental attitude is very important in keeping one healthy. Your mental attitude also determines whether you will have peace of mind or you will have frustrations in life.

Mental attitude is helpful in creating wealth and success in one's life.

We can not have control over other people's thoughts and actions. However we can control our own thoughts and our own attitude.

Positive mental attitude

Mental attitude can be positive or negative. Having a positive mental attitude is essential for getting success. But what is positive mental attitude?

Having positive mental attitude means, to have a learning attitude towards all life experiences whether pleasant or unpleasant. It is the habit of finding out next best even in case of failure or adversity.

It is keeping focus steadily towards one's goals and not to go off track. Many people allow fears, anxieties and worries to enter their mind and the main focus on the desired goal is diluted because of this. The mind attracts according to the nature of thoughts one has in the mind. When negative thoughts are dominantly resident in the mind, we achieve negative results or failures.

A person with a positive mental attitude considers even failures as opportunities for learning and further development. A positive attitude means differentiating problems that we can solve from situations that are not in our control. A person with a positive mental attitude strives to solve the problems in control but does not worry about those which are not in control.

A positive mental attitude helps us to understand other better without getting affected by their faults and weaknesses.

A person with positive mental attitude acts with definiteness of purpose and has the confidence and ability to achieve the goals.

A positive mental attitude is the habit of mastering emotions by putting them in control by power of will. It is the habit of finding out a definite goal and working towards it. It is the habit of looking at people and circumstances in a positive perspective.

It means looking at all experiences of life whether good or bad with a cool head and face all criticism and appreciation from others in the same way without losing balance.

A positive mental attitude is like a gate way leading to success or failure. Unfortunately most people choose the wrong way.

A person with the positive mental attitude recognizes the power of universal intelligence and acts with complete faith.

The greatest advantage of positive mental attitude is that every one can gain it absolutely free, without the need for any money. It is available to everyone who clearly wants it.

How to develop a positive mental attidue?

  • By having a burning desire for achieving a definite purpose of life.
  • By controlling the mind to choose positive attributes
  • By close association with people who inspire and by refusing to get influenced by negative people

Definiteness of purpose is the first principle of success. We have the ability to think, judge and feel emotions. When we allow our mind to go in various ways, the thought power is diluted and lost. On the other hand, when we have single thought of purpose in our life, and we keep our focus on it, we make that thought strong. Even nature also helps those who have definite purpose in life and do not waver easily.

Mind has enormous creative power. What ever thought we have strongly in our minds, attracts related circumstances and we achieve our goal. We need to make our mind a magnet by keeping focus on our purpose.

Napoleon was one of the most successful people on earth during last century. He discovered the natural secrets of success which can be learnt by everyone. He writes about his experiences and principles in his books 'The law of success', 'Think and grow rich' and others. The principles he laid out in his books are relevant even today and one can get great inspiration and knowledge by reading his books. As he mentions in his books, it is indeed possible to achieve miracles using positive mental attitude.