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Napoleon Bonaparte was a military leader and politician in France during the time of the French Revolution and when he died, he was eventually buried in Napoleon’s Tomb in Les Invalides. Tourists are allowed to do day trips in Paris and then come to visit this famous attraction.

Napoleon’s Tomb Took 19 Years to Build

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Napoleon had also been one of the French emperors and so when he died in 1840 his body was taken from St. Helena, the island he was exiled to at the time, and was given his due with a full state funeral. At first he had to be buried in St Jerome’s Chapel because it took them until 1861 to finish building Napoleon’s Tomb and then his body was laid to rest there.

The strange fact is that Napoleon Bonaparte's body is separated into six individual coffins and these fancy resting places are made of iron, lead, ebony, mahogany and red porphyry. This beautiful tomb is resting ontop a pedestal made of green colored granite and has 12 pillars surrounding it that stand for victory.

How do you get to Napoleon’s Tomb?

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There are several ways of getting to Napoleon’s Tomb, and one of these is to ride a train from London to Paris then get to the Les Invalides by turning on the famous Champs-Elysées, and then you take the Avenue Winston Churchill, and head onto the Pont Alexandre III, and then up to the Avenue de Mal Galiémi and then you will see the beautiful entrance to Les Invalides.

The Les Invalides was actually constructed in order to treat the injured French soldiers and to provide homes for soldier’s widows, orphans or for retired soldiers. This place that holds Napoleon’s Tomb was designed and created by the same man who designed the famous Palace of Versailles, Jules Hardouin-Mansart, a master architect. It is made in the French Baroque style, and has statues featuring St. Louis, as well as Charlemagne, and Doric. It also features some Corinthian columns and a golden dome top.

Napoleon's Tomb is positioned in the center crypt within the Eglise du Dome Church at in Les Invalides, which tourists can easily see when they take cheap flights to Paris.

Inside the Church Where Napoleon’s Tomb Sits

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Your ticket to the church also will get you inside the nearby Musée de l'Armée, so don’t forget to go there once you are done visiting Napoleon’s Tomb. The nearby Saint Augustine church also has the tomb where Napoleon’s brother, Joseph is buried.

The sign to Napoleon’s tomb has a sign announcing that it is the “Tombeau de l’Emereur or the Tomb of the Emperor in English. Some people consider it a great pilgrimage to visit this resting place of one of the great modern leaders. He was actually born in Italy, but was taught in French military schools. He ruled from 1799 to 1814 and managed to bring France to war with the rest of the European nations during that timeframe. He was very successful during this time and helped the French army to conquer Europe.

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However, Napoleon met his match in the frigid winter of Russia in 1812 and out of a half a million solider he had with him, a mere 60,000 returned home to France. Soon after, Napoleon got exiled to Elba Island, but managed to get the French to give him another chance. However, he messed up again and got beaten in Waterloo in 1815 and was again exiled, this time to St Helena, where he died in 1840.