When you move into a new home, one of the first home appliances you need to get is a washing machine, but when space is limited this can create a problem. There are some options though - the narrow washing machine.

Narrow washing machines (38534)

Narrow Washing Machines

Several washing machine manufacturers are now making smaller washing machines to cater for people moving into small apartments. Many of these machines now have a depth of 40cm rather than the normal 55-70cm and widths of approximately 51cm as opposed to 60cm. The capacity of the washing drum is normally reduced to save space and is normally around 3KG instead of the usual 6KG. Even with the capacity being reduced, this is still much easier than other options such as hand washing or trips to the launderette.

There is an ever increasing supply of these machines available, and it's best to do some research on the internet to see what would suit you best.

Table-top Washing Machines

These are very small washing machines and have a fairly small footprint. They can be kept elsewhere and put on the draining board when you need to use them. They simply attach onto the cold water tap, and the soil pipe secured into the sink with a sucker. These machines generally have 3 wash programmes and can cope with 1 kilo of washing.
While these machines might not be as useful as their bigger counterparts, they can be useful for coping with the smaller items of washing.

Washing Machines - caravan models

Many of the caravan retailers have space solutions for many kitchen appliances including portable narrow washing machines.
Some of these models have a height of 24 inches and width of just 16 inches and hold 1.8 kilos which is more than the table top models. These are attached to the cold water supply and the soil pipe into the sink. Many of the caravan machines are twin tub, meaning that the washing and spinning is done in two separate compartments.

Things to look for with a narrow washing machine

Whichever option you decide there are a number of factors you should think about.

  • Will the machine have enough wash programmes for what you need?
  • Is the capacity of the machine going to be enough for you? Consider what the alternatives are and if you'd be better spending a couple of hours at the local launderette.
  • Will the spin speed be high enough for you? If the machine has a slower speed, you may need to hang up the washing to finish drying.

When space is limited in your kitchen, the alternative washing machines may not be ideal but they may be better than going to the launderette. Hopefully there will be a narrow washing machine suitable for your kitchen.