The anime revolves around the story of a young reckless ninja who grew up to be the hero of the village, he strated as the underdog and he work hard to be on top, well enough of those things most of you who are reading this article probably knew a lot about this anime/manga series. 

Recent happenings about the war of the allied shinobi forces versus the akatsuki, signals that this great anime is about to end, the only question left are the identity of the masked ninja,  naruto's relationship to the kyuubi, the fulfilling of the moon's eye plan, and the fate of sasukes and his relationship with his former comrades.

Here's my take,

There's a few possible answer on who's the man behind the weird mask.  He could either be

A. Tobi- remember how Tobi can copy the entire identity of those people he touched? And remember that he is present during Madara's fight with the Senju clan? Its been a while since i saw the black Tobi, could he be hiding behind that mask?

B. He could be someone with a great intention to unite the 5 countries, he doesn't care if he turns out to be the antagonist of the whole story, what matter is that these 5 hidden villages will unite, but having said that i don't believe someone wil go to that extent just to unite the shinobi forces.

Other than that i couldn't think of anyone who would do silly things  like this, unless Kishimoto will introduce a new character.


the Kyuubi,

there's a sign about The nine-tails getting more and more connected to Naruto, and i believe it will be shown in the next manga chapter, brace yourself cause Naruto's going to kick ass as the Kyuubi, to tell you frankly, the idea of a human turning into a giant beast is not my flavor, it looks so much like Dragon Ball, as a Saiyan turns into a humongous monster.


Sasuke is planning something behind the back of  the Masked Akatsuki, it seems that Sasuke knew a lot beyond what Itachi had told him and he decided to stick with the  Masked Man, he owns the eye that can reject the power of the masked man's Tsukuyomi, Yes, i think that sasuke decided to take the eye of Itachi in order to prepare him for the final battle not against Naruto but against the Masked Man.(am i seeing raised eyebrows? )

Wait my take on the ninja revived using the Edo-Tensei:

Itachi will have a final confrontation with kabuto, they will end up having fatal injuries, but kabuto will end up victorius, since Itachi is still just a summoned creature, but Anko will deliver the final death blow against Kabuto.(I think)


The moons eye Plan will be completed, yes Naruto and Bee will die....for a moment, but there are ways that they can be revived, Remember sakura saw the life-transfer technique of Chiyo-Baa Sama, and they can also use the Impure World Ressurection, but they will probably use the life-transfer technique, and instead of Sakura doing it, Tsunade will perform the life-transfer technique and end up dying.

Well, there you go, Next time i will predict on what's going to happen to Fairy Tail. Not its ending justan answer on some of the questions, since Mashima is leaving clues everywhere, but i doubt it if you noticed them.