Clean the nose and sinuses with simple irrigation!

Nasal Irrigation System Benefits

Nasal Irrigation System Benefits

Have you ever gone on a beach vacation and noticed how much better you sleep, breathe and feel? Part of that is due to the relaxing benefits of a vacation although the other part of that great breathing and feeling is from the salt water air that the body enjoys and benefits from in clearing out the nasal passages and nasal sinuses.

Nasal irrigation has been practiced for centuries and started in India as part of the yoga discipline that is safe and easy to do on a routine daily basis and even several times a day without any adverse side effects of chemicals.

If you suffer from frequent colds or allergies and rhinitis, nasal congestion, sinusitis, frequent headaches, postnasal drip, stuffiness or blocked nasal passages, dry mucous membranes with a tendency for bloody noses, coughing or halitosis (bad breath), a nasal irrigation system is what you need to add to your hygiene routine to start to breathe and feel better almost immediately.


Nasal Irrigation System

A nasal irrigation system is a way to flush out the nasal sinuses and nasal cavities using a simple container shaped like a Jeannie's lamp and salt water or saline solution in which the salt water is poured into one nare (nasal opening) and by sheer gravity, the water runs out of the other nare.

This simple action causes excess mucous, dirt, debris and pollution to be thinned out and removed from the vast amount of sinuses in the body such as the maxillary sinus, facial sinus, sphenoid and ethmoid sinuses.

Nasal irrigation is done over a sink so that the saline solution that enters the nostril and sometimes to the back of the throat can be spat out into the sink.


Nasal Irrigation System Benefits

  • Nasal irrigation clears out the nasal passages for anyone that works in a dusty, polluted or dirty area. The nose acts as a filter for the body to eliminate most of the irritating allergens and dirt although it can easily and quickly become clogged and not so easy to simply blow the nose to remove the excess debris.
  • Nasal irrigation can greatly reduce pressure from constant headaches that so many people suffer from since the sinuses are a very intricate system of the body and are all interconnected. By irrigating the nasal cavities through the sinuses every morning or evening, many people state a reduction in the amount of headaches they get.
  • It reduces colds, coughs and the flu by removing harmful bacteria that causes illness.
  • It helps to provide moisture to the mucous membranes reducing the dryness of the nasal cavity and greatly reduces bloody noses with continued use.
  • Flushing the nose benefits include greatly reducing halitosis (bad breath) since often times bad breath is caused by bacteria throughout the mouth and throat. Irrigating the nasal passages with a saline solution is not only a fast, easy and inexpensive way to improve this problem but is also a chemical free way to fix halitosis, which is always safer and healthier for the body and wellness.
  • Improves the problems associated with allergies since many of these irritating pollutants are easily removed by frequent use of a saline solution into the nasal cavities and nasal sinuses that blowing the nose alone cannot duplicate.
  • Can greatly reduce the inflammation of nasal passages associated with very thick mucous that cannot be removed by the cilia filters of the nose.
  • Nasal irrigation can greatly reduce the need for medications and antibiotics to reduce colds, flu, asthma and headaches if done on a continued basis. Always check with your physician before stopping any current medications.
  • Reduce the amount of neti pot usage after a cold, cough, headache or flu has subsided and use once a week instead of daily. This will reduce the likelihood of too much salt burning the nasal cavities.


Where to buy a nasal irrigation system

Nasal Irrigation System Benefits

Nasal irrigation is best accomplished with a neti pot and canning salt. A neti pot can be purchased online at amazon (this is my favorite style of Neti Pot we use) or health store online as well as many drug stores and are made of plastic, ceramic, metal or glass. My personal preference is the ceramic neti pot like this one but, search online for the style that you prefer. A neti pot is the most effective way to get the salt/saline solution into the nasal passageway as opposed to simply using the hands in a cupped fashion. More of the salt solution will be lost or wasted down the drain without a neti pot.

  • A neti pot will cost less than $20 and a saline wash packet can also be purchased or is sometimes included as a starter if you'd rather not mix your own salt and warm water. Be careful that no additional chemicals are added since these can do the body more harm in the long run. The body can benefit from a simple and natural nasal irrigation when used daily.


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What could be a simpler and more natural way to clean out the nose and sinuses without chemicals, pills and it feels amazing when you're done too. Try it today and please let me know what you think and how you feel!