It Was Written Album Review

Nas published his second studio album named 'It Was Written' in 1996 after the successes of his début album 'Illmatic'. Nas decided to plan his 2nd album with more of a commercialised view that offered mainstream music to his fans. The album used completely different music producers on the songs and additionally delivered some very nice Nas lyrics and quotations.

The album commences with a tune labeled 'The Message' produced by the award-winning production team 'Trackmasters'. In this song Nas vividly details the imagery he saw growing up in the hood. The tune possesses an awesome beat and the primary melody of the song has vocal extracts taken from his tune 'New York State of Mind' which appeared on the 'Illmatic' album. 

'Street Dreams' is the next song on the album and Nas references kids growing up in the 'hood' exposed to the world of creating wealth through dealing drugs. By dealing drugs the kids he refers to enjoy a perceived extravagant existence.

'I Gave You Power' is the following music track produced by DJ Premier. The coolest thing about this song is that it actually spoken from a 1st person narrative from the view of a pistol. Each verse of this song describes a stage of ones life from start to end.

'Watch Dem' is a fabulous tune about trust and watching your back in particular from the people who are the closest to you in your own organization. The song has a guest appearance from the recording artist Foxy Brown.

The next song entitled 'Take it in Blood' is lyrically great but has been perceived by many critics being as below average content. In spite of everything said by critics, the song still offers several wonderful Nas quotes.

'Nas is Coming' is conceptually an awesome track. The song provides lyrics that encourage the West and East side hip hop community to associate peacefully. The concept attempts to educate supporters to stop hating one another and bring one another together through the love of music.

In conclusion the album offers several impressive Nas quotations. Have a listen to the album and comment below as we would love to hear your opinion.