Fungus Infection on Toe Nail

Toe Nail Infection

You look down one day and yuck!  Your toe nail or finger nail has thickened and looks yellow or whitish. You have a nail fungus infection! If you have had it for a while, the nail may be very thick and brittle. It may have lifted off the nail bed and it can even ooze a foul scent. There is not a shine anymore; it is ugly and embarrassing. A Nail fungus starts as a small spot then it grows to cover that nail and often spreads to other nails. The fungus can grow enough to become painful; it can often be difficult to trim your nails because of a fungal infection.Fungus can be bothersome to get rid of and will not go away on its own unless you find a quality  fungal treatment, whether it is homeopathic or commercially produced.  Adults are more prone to fungal infections more so with older adults.

            Dermatophytes are the main type of fungus that cause fungal nail infections; molds and yeasts are other culprit fungus types. The best conditions for fungus growth are warm and moist environments meaning toe nails are more likely  to develop a fungal infection. Sweaty sock covered feet are a prime target. Any wound or a small separation between your nail and nail bed allow fungi enough access to exploit your body. Another reason toes are affected more often than fingers is reduced blood circulation. Reduced circulation to the feet is more common than it is to the hands. People with a weakened immune system have a harder time fighting off all kinds of infections including nail fungus, these people should check regularly for all kinds of infections.  Factors that can increase the chances of developing a fungal infection are: un-absorbent socks, frequently being barefoot in damp areas, having athletes foot, heavy perspiration, having skin psoriasis, skin injuries near the nails,  and diabetes.

            Fungal  infections often are the cause of complications for persons with a compromised immune system such as cellulitis. These people include those with the following diseases:

  • Diabetes
  •  Leukemia
  •  AIDS
  •  Other medical conditions

Several groups of these people have reduced or poor blood circulation, which makes it harder for them to get rid of the infection it increases the likelihood of complications from them. Anyone with a fungus  infection should acquire a quality product as soon as possible to get rid it, especially people with immune system deficiencies. There are great homeopathic remedies for fungus infections and commercially manufactured products.

            Nail fungus starts out as a small discolored spot on your  nail and grows until you use a quality product to cure it. Commonly infections are caused by a fungus from the dermatophytes group classification of fungi, but that is not the only type of fungus that causes nail infections. Toes are often infected more than fingers due to the environments feet are commonly in like sweaty feet in socks that are not absorbent. Complications can be caused by nail fungus for people, especially those with compromised immune systems.