Nathan's hot dog eating contest

The history of Nathan's hot dog eating contest is a testimonial to the undying popularity fueled by that scrumptious one-of-a-kind flavorful hot dog. This 12-minute competitive and quirky contest began back in 1916 on the Fourth of July. This was Nathan's first of many hot dog eating contests that are truly a great competitive eating occasion for many curious spectators that love to see hungry dare-devils gorge themselves in unspeakable and sometimes creative ways. The history of Nathan's hot dog eating contest is not without setbacks. The first auspicious whimsical contest was at Nathan's flagship restaurant on Coney Island, you know the one. Contestants stood at a 30-foot wooden table on Surf Avenue looking out on the rough waters. Fans rallied as the clock struck noon--the first Nathan's famous hot dog eating contest plunged into history--never to look back again. Only two cancellations in 84 years of heroic, painful-to-watch belching and hurling festivities; once in 1941 and again in 1971 over war and peace and love protests that Nathan's hot dog eating contest could have helped to heal with the escapism for 12-lascivious mind-boggling minutes.

Nathan's hot dog eating contest is a small part of this story of a Polish immigrant, Nathan Handwerker who started his Coney Island, New York hot dog stand in 1916. This was he and his wife Ida's famous secret hot dog recipe.To this day it is one of the most popular and flavorful hot dogs in the world. This little stand in the midst of a popular New Yorker tourist spot became instantly famous. Many well-known celebrities and infamous notables were hot dog eating regulars.

Curious, circus-like activities augment the hot dog eating event. Coney Island Strongman was sledge- hammered with an anvil on his chest while lying on a bed of sharp nails. This is only one example of recent barbaric –like entertaining that flaunts the hot dog eating event frenzy.

Today Nathan's hot dog devouring contest is a famous July Fourth International Eating Contest. Joey Chestnut was the reigning 2010 champion by sucking in 54 buns and meaty dogs in a cool 10 minutes flat; while Takenu Kobayashi was arrested for jumping on stage illegally, he did not agree to the required contract…ouch--so bad-Takenu!

Joey Chestnut is on a hot dickety-dog streak. Winning the 2011 contest and breaking his own record with 62 hotdogs and buns.