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Nathaniel Philip Rothschild, The Rising Star

When it comes to the very most materially fortunate sons on the face of the Earth, one must consider none other than Nathaniel Philip Rothschild in their first set of considerations.  He's not just one of the two young men representing the world's most wealthy family, he's also been quite successful with business ventures of his own.  He is a true rising star on the global stage in business, finance, banking, and ultimately, politics.

Born the 12th day of July in the year 1971 to father Jacob Rothschild and mother Serena Mary Dunn, the young man was always awash in such huge amounts of material wealth that none save his cousins, aunts, uncles, and parents would ever or could ever remotely grasp the situation. It takes money to make money, and so making more money was never hard for the man who prefers to be called "Nat."

Nat Rothschild

Heinrich Heine had once noted the sad truth of the world we live in, and stated plainly for all that "money is the 'god' of our time, and Rothschild is his prophet." This is all rather plain and true for the most people, sad though it is.  Young Nat Rothschild would receive the best education for a global elite money could buy.  It's not even buying a thing when your family controls nearly ever central bank in every nation on Earth, it's more a matter of just making the arrangements and watching the minions carry out their orders like so many drones.  Nat would attend Colet Court, then Eton College, and then Oxford.  It's important to note that being forever surrounded by other sorts of persons so completely disconnected from the reality the rest of us inhabit, Nat likely isn't able to identify with other humans in a rational or meaningful way, and never will be.

In 1994 he'd begin his career for Lazard Brothers, move on to Gleacher Partners, and onward to Morgan Stanley and Lehman Brothers. He became co-chairman and fifty percent owner of Atticus Capital, an international investment firm.  No mistakes can be made, ever, about the Rothschild family's aims regarding politics, it's always been about international finance to manipulate the world into a single global government where the Rothschild family controls it all.  Nat Rothschild has been playing the part of the good son to Jacob Rothschild by doing his part.  Nat Rothschild retired from Attica Capital in 2011.  I'm sure it was a stressful career, it must be tough to be so worn thin you have to retire in your 30's with a net worth likely over several trillion dollars. Nat didn't retire entirely though, he went straight to work for his father, the man they call "lord" Rothschild. It's said he's a substantial direct shareholder of RIT Capital Partners plc, and is also now some vague thing titled "non executive director" of Barrick Gold Corporation.  Of course the Rothschild family is rather well legendary for hoarding gold in underground vaults, and the toughest decisions in a Rothschild day is said to be deciding what the international price of gold will be on any given day.

City Diary: Nat Rothschild left high and dry as yacht feud sent to tribunal

Nat Rothschild has not been without his public controversies.  He, along with his also fabulously famous and wealthy cousin, David Mayer de Rothschild, are new sorts of Rothschild in that they're often in the spotlight.  Lots of their doings are known, and not hidden by the mass media corporations the family owns.  While so many in the world are dying from starvation, wars, and neglect, our Nat Rothschild is busy entertaining people of dubious reputation upon his eighty million dollar super-yacht, the Queen K[1].

The tale of the Rothschild family has always been a tale of misery for the human race.  While people are starving and homeless, Nat Rothschild has to buy an $80 million dollar yacht because his guest house at his vacation home in Greece is too small.  Nat is the poster child for a culture in decline.  Adding insult to injury, he's got a position on the council of the John F. Kennedy School Of Government, and lots of other similar places where only other poster children of a dying world would ever go to become misinformed concerning rational, logical, or reasonable human values.  No one can know how much money Nat Rothschild hoards up while the people of the Earth starve and die of neglect in other places, but he's said to be the richest of all Rothschilds[2].  It's all quite ridiculous, really, seeing as how when your family controls the volume of currency in virtually every nation on Earth, you can just print more of it off and be worth whatever you want to be worth in number values.

It's been said that poverty is the worst form of violence.  Following that logic, Nat Rothschild is one of the most violent men on Earth for his sociopathic hoarding of wealth while so many others suffer, or are working in slave like environments where his family gains more for every individual's labor than the worker does.  Then again, there's something to be said for the sorts of persons who literally admire these sorts of people, are they not also to blame for it all?  I say they are.  In the USA there's more empty houses than there are homeless people who could be living in them. Banker families such as the Rothschild family benefit directly from such inhumane worship of finance, for they are the predominant villains on the planet in those regards.  Meanwhile, what a sociopath like Nat gets to shudder in horror over are his making "terrible mistakes[3]" which he's reported from his Swiss resort villa concerning Bumi Resources, whatever that is.

The Queen K, Nat Rothschild's $80 Million Yacht

Queen K

Let's face it, when the objective and relative needs of so many are not met, and indeed, there  aren't even opportunities available for them to be met, you get a form of violence from all the poverty afoot. In the USA almost one third of all black males enter prison at one point or another, and this impacts the lives of the children and mothers they've left behind, causing a never ending cycle of poverty and neglect.  To whom much is given, much is required.  The only decent thing for a man like Nat Rothschild, who's family is said to own half the world's total wealth, to do is for him to get in his Gulfstream jet and spend the rest of his life changing circumstances and providing for those in need.  We can't much expect any of that though, can we?  A fool returns to his folly like a dog returns to his vomit, but dogs are at least honorable creatures, rather unlike a banker, who is the most toxic and least productive individual on the planet; so I've been, perhaps, relatively unfair to dogs here.  Maybe Nat will join the increasingly long list of banker suicides, but don't look for it, we the people of Earth don't deserve such luck for we still idolize hoarders of gold.

Have you ever felt like your life was a game of monopoly which you can not win?  Well, if wealth and power are your motivating factors in life, or even if maintaining your basic needs present your life's biggest challenges, you are playing a game of monopoly the likes of Nat Rothschild and his hideous family have already won.  Sad thing is, the global system of finance the family Rothschild has run roughshod all over the people of the Earth with victimized them too.  Oh that's a tough one to sell, but it is true, after all. You see, when you have the wealth of a Rothschild, you've no longer the ability to feel empathy, and did you need some sort of science[4] to prove that to you?  Are you insane?  How could anyone have so much and have empathy enough to not rank as a sociopath when so many are with so little and suffering so much?  Impossible, it is, as the Rothschild family is no more than a family of monsters, and Nathaniel Philip Rothschild is their rising star.

Nat Rothschild Giving A Speech "From The Heart" To "Special People"