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The National Admission Test for Law in Great Britain is also known as the LNAT Test. Several schools in Great Britain demand this test to be given to the students, who are applying for an undergraduate program in law. Presently, eleven schools are insisting the LNAT test prior to being accepted into their undergraduate law program. The schools requiring this in Great Britain are the University of Nottingham, the University of Birmingham, the University of Cambridge, the University of Bristol, the University of East Anglia, Durham University, King's College London, the University of Glasgow, University of College London, the University of Oxford and Manchester Metropolitan University.

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The LNAT is run by the association of British universities in a partnership with Pearson VUE which is a computer-based business testing of Pearson Education. By using LNAT test, many universities acquires aid in selecting the highly-qualifies candidates that are looking to join the undergraduate law programs. It is professionally written and regulated by Edexcel for Pearson VUE.

LNAT Is Divided In Sections

The LNAT is ordinarily used by the potential student throughout the year they are applying for admission at one of these universities. The test usually last for about two hours and is given in two different sections.

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The beginning section will last about 80 minutes. It consists of multiple choice questions that open the capability to read, comprehend, analyze, and conclude information in the passage. The next section is about forty minutes in length and comprises of essay writing that determines the knack to create reasonable arguments. It is important to remember to relax while taking this test. By relaxing you will score better on the test than if you are uptight and nervous about it.

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Applicant ought to have sound analytical skills. They must read the passage and comprehend it exceedingly well in order to answer the MCQs correctly.  As for the essay section, having a proper grasp of the English Language and have a consciousness of current affairs.

LNAT Eligibility Standards

Applicants should have accomplished the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) or have started the process. It is best that the applicants fill out the UCAS form prior to applying for LNAT. The LNAT grade is effective just for that specific year, after which you must reapply. British Universities insist the students have a score of the LNAT as well as other factors of being accepted into the institution.


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The purpose for the LNAT test is to even chances for candidates who are trying to enter an undergraduate law program at these universities. This will allow everyone a chance to get the degree in Law they desire. The LNAT permits administrators the capability to be additional unbiased in allowing individuals from all areas in life the chance to acquire one of these impressive programs. It is important to remember it is a test to see what the candidate is capable of doing and helping the instructors to know where the most help is needed. With high marks on this table the candidate can assure the best institution for them.