Clumber Park offers a retreat for all ages.

Included is my personal Clumber Park journey and photographs.

Clumber Park Tree

National Trust: Clumber Park is a 3,800 acre piece of serenity located in Nottinghamshire, England, along the northern edge of Sherwood Forrest. Clumber Park has a gorgeous scenery full of wildlife and nature. The Limetree walk is only a touch of a tranquil visit. This National Trust park is open year round. However, some of the facilities are seasonal. During the warmer climate, the Walled Kitchen Garden is in bloom and on display. During the fall the colors of autumn are splendid and breathtaking.


Sweeping Pine Trees Clumber Park


Limetree Avenue - This grand estate style entrance measures nearly 3 miles and is lined with beautiful trees that are over 170 years of age.

Walled Kitchen Garden - The walk has several hundred feet of different plants and trees. Some of the dishes at the kitchen are even made with ingredients from this garden.

Kitchen Clumber ParkClumber Park Kitchen


Clumber Park Lake

The Lake - A grand, shallow, man-made lakethat is home of many water fowl, like swans, geese, ducks and coots. There are several wooden bridges that make a perfect scene for photographs along several paths.


Clumber Park Lake 2


Pleasure Ground - This garden is beautifully landscaped with gorgeous walkways, shrubs and benches.

Pleasure Ground Entry Birds at Clumber ParkPleasure Ground Walkway


Chapel of St. Mary the Virgin - This  chapel's architecture is truly spectacular. The construction of Chapel of St. Mary the Virgin began in 1886 and was completed in 1889 by the order of 7th Duke of Newcastle to have a place of worship next to his home, Clumber House.

Clumber Park Chapel Clumber Park Chapel 2 Inside of Chapel of St. Mary the Virgin

Site of Clumber House - This elaborate mansion was destroyed by fire in 1879. It was rebuilt by the 7th Duke of Newcastle, only to receive fire damage again in 1912. The second fire was not as destructive as the first. The mansion was abandoned due to WWI and hard financial times. The home was destroyed in 1938. However, other structures are still intact and include the stables, which is now part of the gift shop. A model of the home is on display.

Clumber House in 1900


Other information - Cycling trails are available and there are bike rentals available. The park closes at dusk, but is open year round. Dogs can accompany their owners on the trails, but the owner should clean up after his/her pet. disposal bins are provided. In livestock areas, pets are required to be on leashes. Pets are not permitted in the cafes, kitchens, etc.. unless it is a guide dog.

My personal experience at Clumber Park:

My family and I ended up in Clumber Park because our driver didn't know the way to the Old Oak that Robin Hood was said to use as a hideout. At first, we very disappointed to end up at Clumber Park but upon our visit, it was the most enjoyable day of our entire visit to England. We found it so relaxing, beautiful and peaceful during our estimated 10 mile walk. After a walk like that, we could have all the scones, Victoria sponge and BLTs we wanted in the cafe. All the people, employees and visitors, were so friendly. Yet, they greeted you and went on their way.  The National Trust Clumber Park was surely a place we all enjoyed from ages 7 to 35. My son enjoyed the playground, all the wildlife and even the Chapel. The squirrels were very abundant, but fun to watch.

National Trust Clumber Park Squirrel Tree at Clumber Park Old Tree(72182)

Clumber Park Map

Clumber Park is located on the Northern part of Sherwood Forest, both of which are in driving distance from Sheffield and Nottingham.
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Clumber Park, Worksop, Nottinghamshire S80 3, UK
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Sherwood Forest, Clipstone, Nottinghamshire NG21 9, UK
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Sheffield, UK
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