Your bassist has finally managed to keep time with your drummer (or insert your band’s musical misfit here) and you all like each other just enough to put up with each other’s girlfriends, so obviously it is time for your music to be heard nationwide.  Now the challenges really start.  As if dealing with the local club scene isn’t hard enough, now you need to do it in cities where you are lucky to get a couch to sleep on.  On top of that, you haven’t quite nailed down the band’s logo, so getting the necessary stickers printed isn’t as simple as it seems.  (And you really can’t go on tour without stickers because what are you going to give the girls?)So You Put Your Bassist in Charge of Sticker PrintingCredit: manicmorff @ morgueFile

Rather than screwing up the first shot you have at getting your local band’s logo out nationwide, just call up the friendly folks over at No Problem Printing.  Besides being a design and print shop, they are also huge supporters of local bands and the indie music industry as a whole.  If you need more reasons than that (and the great pricing they offer), here are a few.

You Want a Musician (slash) Designer to Design Your Logo

You may have a pretty good idea of what it is you are looking for, but you aren’t there yet.  You can send these guys a few of your tracks and they will listen as they work on your design.  No joke.  How likely are you to find another designer willing to understand your band’s music while they work to give you a marketable logo?  (And if that isn’t tempting enough, these guys also have over a dozen designs out for 1031 Skateboards and some were even made into Tech Deck toys.)  So you want a designer who understands the scene and local music, because he also knows where the stickers are meant to go – on guitar cases, skateboard decks and hopefully all over that hot girl’s diary.  Regardless of where you are with your design ideas and which girl’s diary you are thinking of, give No Problem Printing a call.  Their design prices are as reasonable as their sticker printing prices.  If nothing else, you may get a fan base in Cleveland.

You Need a Designer Who Understands Printing

Even if your cousin can draw something you would have tattooed on your arm, it doesn’t mean its going to look good in sticker form (or vice versa and don’t say you weren’t warned).  If you have ever gone through the sticker printing process before (that was your old band of course, and you put the bassist in charge for some reason), then you know that what you signed off on and what arrived for distribution doesn’t look the same.  The mediums don’t correlate as well as you think you do.  You need some one who knows both design and printing.  The folks over at No Problem Printing have a design background, but have worked for a long time in pre-press and print production.  This means that they know the difference between what looks cool on the screen and what is going to look cool on the wall at a club in New York (just because CBGBs is closed doesn’t mean you aren’t going to sticker that town).

Good Prices and Free Delivery

If it all sound too good, but you really think you are going to save some money by going local, think again.  No Problem’s prices are competitive and on top of it, there is the free shipping in the lower 48 (sorry Alaska, but if you send them the business from say half of the local music market, they’ll probably throw you the free shipping).  You get to oversee the design process and of course the more you order, the better your sticker printing deal is going to be.  Just have a look at the website and you will see how reasonable it really is.  You may even have enough money to get door hangers with your band’s logo on it, which means all the girls in the dorm are going to see it.  Besides, if you put the bassist in charge of picking up the order, you may be halfway out of the state before you realize you just don’t have them on you.  The good news is that if you have ordered through No Problem, they already know to re-confirm the order with the drummer; just to be sure they’ve got it right.

A Bonus for Local BandsNight Sweats Sticker by No Problem PrintingCredit: Design is compliments of No Problem Printing

Okay, it isn’t on the website and it may never be, but these guys can help you with just about everything your local band needs to get going on a tour.  It isn’t just design and sticker printing; they can also hook you up with a great deal on t-shirt printing as well as other odds and ends you may want to promote your band.  If you ask nicely, they can probably also tell you which clubs to call and where to get a good cup of coffee in Detroit (or at least which places you should avoid at all costs).  That is some pretty priceless information just for placing an order for sticker printing or logo design.  And they will be nice to your bassist as well.

Now, you may not want to spend that much time on the phone with some sticker printer in Cleveland, which is fine, because you can do everything online, through email or their website.  The point is that you really should get in on the action, not only because you would be a fool not to, but because your band is your business and you need someone who cares to help it grow.

That, and they make funny commercials, just have a look below.

You can get in touch with No Problem Printing by calling 216 383 7087 or have a look at their website at  And if you are in Cleveland, feel free to drop by.  You can find them at 16006 Waterloo Road.

Please note: no bassists were harmed in the making of this article.

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