If you are looking for alternatives for prescription and over the counter medicines for treating your acne, you've come to the right place. Alternative treatments and medicines are great if you want to avoid some of the drastic side effects that some of the prescription pills and topical medication you can take will give you. The key for natural acne medicine and treatment is to treat acne at its root.

Your Lifestyle

Before looking at actual medicines for treating acne, we should first look at your life and the foods and drinks that you have everyday. Acne is a skin disease that can easily be treated and prevented through simple changes in how much you sleep, how much and what you eat, and how much water you drink.

As you probably know, acne is formed because of many blockages of the pores on your skin which cause inflammation which eventually turns into pimples. That blockage usually occurs through your skin's natural oil it produces, but sweat, grime, and bacteria can create acne.

When you're choosing foods to eat, foods that have lots of sugar or oil are very unhealthy for your skin. Avoid those types of food from your diet and you'll see a reduction of pimples and breakouts. Also, when choosing food to eat, you should eat a lot of leafy green veggies. Those types of vegetables have vitamins and minerals that are very healthy for your skin and will also help reduce the amount of oil your skin produces.

Drinking plenty of water is key for preventing acne breakouts. When you drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, you help your kidneys process and filter out the toxins that in your body. When you don't drink enough fluids, you kidneys may not be able to filter out those toxins and you could end up sweating those bad things out. When you sweat and it contains that muck, that sweat can block your pores and create more pimples.

And finally, exercise is key for keeping your skin healthy and clear of acne. Just like drinking plenty of water, when you exercise, you aid circulation of blood which helps your kidneys filter out toxins faster. Exercise can be anything from a walk around the park to lifting weights at the gym.

Natural Acne Medicine

The best natural medicine for treating acne is Tea Tree Oil. Tea Tree Oil is found naturally from a plant from Australia and it has powerful antioxidant and anti bacterial properties. Diluted with water, the oil is applied to your acne like normal topical acne medicine, and has been scientifically shown to reduce pimples and acne.

Warnings About Natural Acne Medicine

When looking for alternative acne medicine, beware of scammers who sell products without proof of results. Many medicines, especially online, are just water in a bottle and will do nothing for preventing your acne symptoms. So keep your eyes open and your mind skeptical about "miracle acne medicines."