Acne can be very embarrassing especially if the concentration on the face is so much. Natural acne treatment tips will help anybody suffering from acne to treat it easily without having to spend so much money on medicines and consultations with a dermatologist. These tips are simple things that when done consistently, the results become very glaring for anybody to see. These natural treatments usually make use of herbs, plants and other natural substances that can easily be found and gotten from the environment. These substances have been tested and scientifically proven to be able to cure this skin disorder. The results from using these tips can be very evident within about four weeks of putting them to use.

Some of these tips include -:

Honey and Egg Mask -: this is very cheap and easy to make. The ingredients for this preparation are easy to find. The ingredients needed to make this preparation are honey, olive oil, and raw egg yolk. Small quantities of these ingredients are mixed together and applied to a clean dry face using your fingers. After application, wait for about 20 minutes then wash off the mask mixture with warm water and dry your face. This can be done twice a week, at the beginning and at the end of the week. Honey is known to have an antibacterial property which enables it to kill bacteria on the face or acne locations.

Use Acne Soap to Wash Face -: Acne usually results when there is an imbalance in nutritional requirements of the skin. When this happens the skin reacts by secreting sebum in large quantities which clog pores. This results in the swellings and decreased ability of the skin to heal and fight bacteria. The acne soap contains sulphur that is mild on the skin with antibacterial properties. This can be done twice a day, in the morning and in the evening before going to bed. Washing should be done gently with a smooth material as over washing may stimulate sebaceous glands to secret more sebum.

Take more Carrots -: carrots are known to be very rich sources of beta carotene. This is essential in growth and maintenance of a good skin. It also contains antioxidants useful in fighting body toxins most of which affect the skin. Vitamin A also helps in reducing excessive secretion of sebum. When this happens the tendency of acne breaking out on the face is greatly reduced. Carrots are quite cheap and can easily be gotten from vegetable and shops around the neighbourhood.

Take diets rich in Zinc and Chromium -: Zinc is a substance that has good antibacterial properties and a diet or nutrition deficient in zinc is likely to cause acne. Increasing the amount of foods containing zinc has a potential of curtailing these effects. Chromium supplements are also known to heal acne and prevent future breakouts. All of these substances occur in foods that are easy to find within our environments especially fruits and this makes natural acne treatment easy to carry out.