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Natural Anti Aging Remedies – Whilst we avidly look to all the latest miracle creams to eliminate aging.  What about all the old fashioned remedies that we used to use.  Or any natural ingredients.  What comparisons can we make.  Often we accept the beauty industries outlandish claims (my opinion only.)  That by using the latest anti aging eye creams, serums and lotions it will make those ingrained lines disappear in a very short period of time.  The interesting thing is that the scientists have unveiled some interesting facts that we can certainly take advantage of and use in our everyday skincare.

There are a few things that are really just common sense in preserving the youthfulness of our skin.

 Harmful to the Skin

  1. The Sun – I put this as No. 1 as this can certainly be the most damaging by causing the break down of the skins elastin and collagen and increases liver spots that quite frankly are not flattering at any age.
  2. Imitations of the sun that are overused such as sun lamps and  sunbeds and again we have all seen the scares involved in using these to excess.
  3. Smoking – again the effects on the skin can be drying and very damaging to the cells of our skin.

 Always use a sun block and educate your children from a young age to do this.

Eating as much unprocessed foods as possible and making sure we have whole grains, olive oil, fruits and vegetables in our daily diet. 

Daily exercise is vital and a massage and exfoliation can be extremely valuable.  We tend not to exfoliate our skin as much as we need to and I can recall my first experience of working in a Naturopathic Clinic where this was done daily and the results to the skin were outstanding.  I can see the benefits that it has on removing the dead layers of skin. Sometimes to the human eye the build up of dead skin is not visible.  By exfoliating you are removing the dead layers to leave behind freshly invigorated skin and of course any muscle stimulation gives new oxygen to these areas that also has beneficial properties to regenerated skin.  (See my previous article: ).  I have to add a cautionary warning here that some skin is very sensitive and some of the products on the market are not ideal for facial skin which is more delicate.  So please exfoliate with care on the face and most warnings on the reverse warn you against going close to the eyes.

 One of my favourite tried and tested anti aging recipes are:

 Echinacea Skin Soak

150ml warm water (filtered or bottled)

20 drops of Echinacea tincture (A great product to have in for cold remedies – try to get the one that is not alcohol based as can be an irritant to the skin.)

2 drops of sandalwood essential oil (quite hard to get hold of but really worth having)

Small cloth

Warm the water then add the echinacea and the sandalwood.  Soak the cloth in the mixture and place on your face for 10-15 mins.  (Lay down and relax at this point.)  I normally have the cloth warmed as well as it makes a more home spa feeling.  It also really opens up the pores.  Once finished dry your skin and apply moisturiser.


Rich Geranium Moisturiser

60ml avocado oil

60ml wheatgerm oil

25ml liquid lanolin

5ml beeswax pieces

2.5ml borax powder

30 ml rosewater

10-15 drops geranium essential oil

 Use a glass bowl in a saucepan that is half full of water add the avocado and wheatgerm oils together.  Heating gently add the lanolin and beeswax pieces until the mixture has melted.  Add the borax powder to the rosewater and then add to the waxy mixture.  Stir through thoroughly and remove from the heat.  Cool a little and add the geranium essential oil.  This smells really lovely.  Keep stirring until very cool and add to small screw top jars.  This is great for a night time moisturising cream for face and body.  Also great to make for a gift.



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