If you suffer from anxiety attacks you will already know how debilitating they can be. I have suffered with them for years and can tell you that there are a number of self help techniques that will not cure you, but will help to lessen the severity of the disorder.

Understanding is the first key to the successful management of generalized anxiety disorder. You may be able to medicate the condition, but it is chronic. Before you get too worked up over the fact that there is no cure, know that you can stop anxiety attacks from becoming so severe that they are interfering with your life. To do that you need to understand when you are most prone to experience a panic attack and be prepared to head it off before it happens. When do your attacks occur? When you are tired? When you travel? When you meet new people?

I know myself well enough to know that I will get an attack every single time I fly. I hate anything that makes me feel edgy for a long period of time. What is it that puts you in a vulnerable situation? I gave up long ago when traveling and now premeditate before I leave on my trip. No sense in fighting it, I would rather head off the attack than suffer through one later. Trying to identify when you are at risk will let you make some prophylactic treatment decisions to help avoid the full blown attack we all fear.

Secondly, be sure to get enough sleep. We can become edgy just by not being well rested. Needless to say, none of us cope as well when we have not had enough sleep.

Third, keep an eye on your diet. Try to avoid caffeine and foods that make you feel anxious or over stimulated. Caffeine and alcohol are the two biggest culprits. Additionally, take a multivitamin if you can. There has been some recent research to indicate that both the B complex vitamins along with vitamin C can be helpful in the treatment of anxiety.

What should you do if you feel an anxiety attack coming on? Try to relax and focus on something else. I have gotten the most relief from being able to meditate and focus on an event that is extremely pleasurable and relaxing for me. What is that for you? Do you love to play with your pets, watch movies or travel? Any time you take the focus away from your anxiousness, you put your body back in a more relaxed state and break the feedback cycle that is increasing the severity of your panic attack.

If the relaxation techniques do not work for you try having a little talk with your subconscious. Know that your physiology is making you feel this way and you have control of your mind. What the mind knows, the body will follow.

While you can not totally cure a panic attack, it is possible to greatly diminish both their frequency and intensity by not fearing the attack itself. You can live with anxiety if you are aware that you have control over attacks when they occur. Knowing you have control of the disorder, and not the other way around is usually enough to not fear the onset of an episode and greatly diminishes the anxiety that surrounds it. With enough practice you will be surprised at your ability to not feel controlled by the disorder.

Can you cure anxiety attacks for good? I did not cure mine completely, but consider myself cured because I know that I can my panic attacks, rather than having them control me.