We are always looking and hoping for new and better treatments for arthritis. Are they are out there? Where can we find them. This article will help you find more natural arthritis treatments that will slow down the progression of your disease and to help give relief to your pain that you suffer from on a daily basis.

There are usually two forms of treatment for arthritis: the first one being physical therapy, possibly occupational therapy and medication. Physical therapy is a gentle exercise that works the joints and helps to loosen them, giving them more range and motion and it usually includes therapeutic massage to help keep the joints mobile.

With arthritis, you almost always have tenderness and swelling on the skin where the arthritis is at. By using either a hot or cold pack on this are, it can help to relieve some of that pain immediately.

Physical therapy is often accompanied by occupational therapists that help a patient that works in an industry that requires strenuous, repetitive actions. There is so much strain involved in an area if related to your job. This is something that has developed over time with daily abuse to those joints. An occupation therapist will help relieve the strain that this work can place on their arthritic joints.

There are more treatments than we have discussed here, but we are focusing on what is generally done and used. But you can add to these traditonal treatments, such as the physical treatments for arthritis, there are ranges of natural arthritis treatments.

Most patients will greatly benefit form a natural arthritis nutrition therapy along with the physical therapy. There are also some natural arthritis treatments that help to relieve the body's sensitivity to pain. We each have our own pain tolerance and there are way that we can build up this tolerance naturally.

Do you know of someone that may benefit from this? When you are using a natural arthritis treatment, this does not interfere with the traditional treatments that you are currently using. This is a bonus, so to speak, to help you deal with this disease with the help of your own body.

If you suffer from a mild arthritis or a severe form, you need to consult with your doctor and have everything approved by him or her.

There are quite a few medications you can buy over the counter such as Tylenol or Advil made for arthritis sufferers. these over the counter medications may be sufficient for patients with mild arthritis, while more severe suffers should consult a doctor for prescription medicines.

Steroids are the oldest type of treatment for arthritis, but also the most damaging to the tissue and immune system. They can be directly injected right into the site itself to give pain relief and relief from the swelling, there are some that you can just take orally.

There has been some great natuuropathic therapies that have been discovered to really help arthritis sufferers.

Natural arthritis treatments such as Glucosamine or chondroitin. Not only are these natural, but they help to rebuild your own tissue and build up your immunity. These are sometimes taken in combination, representing a natural arthritis treatment for arthritis, and have been seen to produce new cartilage.

If you are currently using medications, do not stop! If you have any questions at all , contact your doctor. The doctor will go over all of these treatments with you as well as any negative effects the medications may have.

Different Types of Arthritis Pain