Natural Article Writing vs SEO Article Writing

...are keyword tools necessary?

The debate continues in article writing circles – is it better to write a SEO optimised article around keywords using a keyword tool, or a natural, off the top of your head type article? The answer is is an unsatisfactory “it all depends”. It depends on a lot of factors, not least of which is your purpose behind writing the article. Was it written for profit, to gain readers, or maybe a bit of both? Sometimes it is the article that is written on a serviette in a diner that really grabs readers and converts them into buyers.

Article Writing Using a Keyword Tool

Keyword tools are a dime a dozen these days, and each one will have its benefits and proponents. There will be no one tool that is right for everyone, and that’s fine. I use Niche Finder, because I like the powerful information presented in a format which is slick and yet easy to understand. All the cool analysis is under the hood and doesn’t confuse me with all the raw data displayed on the screen. But that’s just me, because I’m not a numbers person. Other people are, and prefer other tools.

Whatever keyword tool you use you will end up with a keyword which you will then write your article around. Depending on your style that article may flow naturally, with key SEO principles merging well with your writing so as to optimise the result and hopefully end up with an article which places well with the search engines but also one which the average human can understand because it flows. In my experience, articles written solely around the product of a keyword tool and SEO principles sound stilted and I don’t enjoy reading them. The repetition gets to me.

Article Writing the natural way

Let’s face it, if you write articles off the top of your head about metaphysical topics and your interest in tapeworms then you are not likely to bring in much income. The possibility of getting readers is an unknown, because I haven’t done any keyword research on those topics – but you know what I mean. If you write natural articles, the monetization of article writing is very much a hit and miss, unknown quantity type of thing.

It may sound better, but probably won’t rank well, and won’t earn anything much either. Notice the use of probably in that sentence? That’s because sometimes it is the article that is written off the cuff without planning, about a topic that you are passionate about that turns out to surprise you and be a real popular article, and may even earn some money for you.

Really, at the end of the day you are best off using a keyword research tool to find keywords that are relevant to the topics you feel passionate about or have knowledge about. Once you have some keywords you can then make educated choices about the monetary value of potential clicks and the level of competition. You will be able to write naturally around a keyword about which you have something to say. Try it some time – you may surprise yourself.