By using the natural bodybuilding program, you maximize your results and potential without the use of harmful drugs, hormones or steroids. There are many factors that influence your body in the way it gains muscle.

Genetics, diet and body type are the main factors, but the largest factor is based on what you are willing to put forth in your effort and diet.

Natural bodybuilding does not discriminate against anyone, so all you will need to succeed is a lot of determination and willpower. But because it takes such a structured commitment, there are so few that ever reach their potential.

I have listed some tips that will help you to reach your potential:

Tip 1 - Training

A structured and well-planned routine is the most important factor for a successful workout. It is recommended to train 4 times a week, but this will vary depending on your personal goals and the time you have available. It is important that you DO NOT train more than the recommended time. You need to give your muscle time to repair.

Tip 2 - Routine

It is extremely vital that you vary your routine to work all the muscle groups. If you are not doing this properly, then you will hit a plateau and will not see any more progress. Most of your progress will be noticed in the first 6 months to a year of workouts, and then your growth seems to diminish.

For this reason, it is important that you change your routine on a regular basis, using different types of exercises, amount of weights used, and number of sets and reps. Also make sure you have a lot of variety in your raw food diet program.

Tip 3 - Sleep

Make sure you are giving your body a chance to heal and repair with plenty of sleep. It is necessary to have at least 7, preferably 9 hours of sleep a night. It is important for your body to have the recovery time to enable you to continue the intensity of your workouts. Your body needs to be rested for optimum performance.

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