Breast augmentation surgery has been the top cosmetic surgery performed in hospitals and clinics for years. It used to be that if a woman was unsatisfied with the size of her breasts that surgical options were all that were on the table. However, if modern women simply want to enhance their breasts by a cup size or so, surgery may not be necessary (though it's certainly an option in many cases). There are methods of body strengthening, herbal pills and hormone therapy that, if used properly, can help women achieve larger, fuller breasts.

First of all, exercise is one of the chief methods of helping enhance the breasts. You'd think that exercise, particularly weight lifting, would cause the breasts to shrink by burning fat. However, as the muscles beneath the breasts firm and tone, the muscles add size to the breasts as well as helping them appear more pert and full. Of course women shouldn't take this exercise too far, or they will burn up the fat in their breasts.

Secondly, there are herbal breast enhancement pills and supplements that are available over the counter. These herbs, which mimic many breast enhancing foods like certain vegetables and soy extracts, provide your body with nutrients and vitamins that are supposed to help breast growth and breast enhancement. Before you choose which set of pills and supplements to use though, make sure that you carefully research their track record and see if the pills really work or if they're a scam.

Lastly, there are prescriptions available through a doctor that can help women enhance their breasts. These pills are a form of hormone therapy and they contain estrogen and artificial estrogen. These are female sex hormones that are first released when girls are young, and as they go through puberty the various types of estrogen start the menstral cycle and instruct the body to build and grow feminine features like breasts. These treatments can re-start this breast growth process, helping women grow larger breasts. These treatments are also used during sexual reassignment to help men becoming women grow breasts and take on more feminine features.

It's important that you treat any decision for natural breast enhancement as seriously as you would surgical breast enhancement. Consult your doctor, research the method or product and make sure that you know what it is you're getting into before you start your regimen.