Natural Bristle Hair Brush

Natural Bristle Hairbrush Benefits:

If you are looking for the best hairbrush for fine hair, or if you have sensitive hair or scalp, a natural bristle hairbrush may be the best way for you to get long, healthy hair with a natural shine.  There are many reasons why natural bristle hairbrushes are the best way for you to maintain healthy hair with less trips to the salon.  Because the fibers of natural hair brushes are so much finer and softer than the traditional nylon or plastic hairbrush bristle, they trap dirt and particles much better.  You will be pleased to find your hair more vibrant and lustrous after using a natural bristle hair brush because the soft bristles spread the natural oil in your hair much better than using a plastic or nylon brush.  Although they cost a little more than normal brushes, you save money by not having to buy hair glosses, polishes, and shine sprays as much.  Your hair will shine more naturally and look better than putting all of those chemicals in your hair.  

Types Of Natural Bristle Hair Brushes:

Natural Synthetics - Sometimes names can be deceiving.  Although many professional hair brushes claim to be made from natural bristles, they are often just synthetic bristles made with natural compounds.  They are definitely a step up from the damaging plastic bristles found on most brushes, but don’t be fooled into paying as much as a true natural bristle hairbrush.

Boar Bristle Hair Brush - My far the most popular, and the best hairbrush for fine hair is a boar bristle hair brush.  Its has soft but firm strands that gently massage the scalp and follicle oils into the length of your hair.  Boar bristle hair brushes are generally made with higher quality handles, as well, which means a professional hairbrush will last you a long time. 

The Best Hairbrush For Fine Hair:

Natural bristle hairbrushes are the best hairbrush for fine hair because they are much more gentle on the scalp, roots, and hair than traditional salon hairbrushes.  In fact, if you have dense, thick hair it is recommended you comb through your hair before using a boar bristle hair brush because the bristles of a natural hairbrush can actually be too weak.  However if you have fine hair, or a sensitive scalp, a natural hairbrush will not only immediately stop damaging your hair, but start distributing the oils and nutrients to begin strengthening it.  

Natural Bristle Hairbrush Maintenance:

Since, they do such a good job of cleaning your hair, natural bristle hairbrushes need a little more maintenance than a plastic salon hair brush.  If you fail to clean your brush regularly, the oils that are absorbed into the bristles, and debris caught in the strands can actually be redeposited into your hair.  Luckily maintenance is as simple as running a comb through the natural bristles every few weeks and soaking the brush in a sink full of water with a little shampoo.  Let your brush soak for a few minutes, and then rinse thoroughly with water.  Make certain the brush is completely dry (let stand overnight) before using in your hair again.