Before you bug bomb or send off a deluge of Raid in your home for cockroach control, try snagging some everyday cleaning items you may have around your home to take out some of these nasty pests. For isolated sprays when you see a stray roach, prepare a small squirt bottle with a mixture of half water and half cooking oil (vinegar mixed with water is able to produce the same effects.)  You can splash a bit of soapy water on cockroaches as well. Since these insects breathe through their exoskeleton, you are basically asphyxiating them when you cut some water with something heavy like oil or soap. Roaches are extremely fast, being able to scurry the equivalent of 90 human miles per hour. This may make them a bit difficult to exterminate on a small level, and in that case, fashioning some DIY bait roach traps might be more effective if you’re concerned of a massive cockroach infestation.

A classic stand-by is to make poisonous bait for cockroach control with Borax as their main serving. You can mix a bit with powdered sugar to attract the roaches to the poison. However if you settle upon this route, you must be absolutely certain to place the roach bait in a location that your children or pets will not be able to access; Borax is acutely toxic to humans. If this is not an option, you can fashion a home-made roach motel with a modified plastic bottle. You can poke a small hole through the top, and fill your Borax snack in the bottle, then leave it in a place where your pets cannot reach. Roaches will enter and this, and feast on the mineral mixed with sugar- soon they will be unable to climb out and perish on your floor- not where you cats or dogs could consume their carcasses. If you do not want to even risk having the borax in your house, you can attract cockroaches in a similar fashion to trap them, with a bit of beer and with some bread. This will not kill the cockroaches, but it will keep them trapped, especially if you use a mason jar and apply a little Vaseline to the lid and inside wall. The one flaw with this technique is being aware of where you dispose of the cockroaches. They have an amazing ability to hold their breath underwater, for longer than an hour! For some good herbal cockroach control, you can plant some catnip around the house, or slip a few bay leaves into sealed food containers- both scents roaches cannot stand.