The fact of the matter is that a cold sore can affect almost anybody. This is because more than 90% of the population is estimated to be carriers of the cold sore virus. The fact that many people do not get cold sore outbreaks is of little solace to the people who are regularly trying to get rid of their cold sores quickly. The good news is that there are steps that a person can take to get cold sores to cure. There are several natural cold sore cures that a person afflicted with cold sores can utilize in order to speed up the healing process.

Natural Cold Sore Cure

When you are suffering with an unpleasant, painful, unattractive cold sore, you just want it gone. Unfortunately, there is no permanent cure for the cold sore virus. Once you are infected with the virus and become a carrier it is possible (even likely) that you will experience occasional cold sore outbreaks. However, once you get a cold sore there are specific steps that you can take in order to quickly get rid of your cold sore with a great deal more speed than would be possible if you did nothing.

The first step in curing cold sores is to realize that you have one coming in. The way that the herpes virus works is that it will send you warning of its arrival about a day before the outbreak. Typically a person will feel a tingling or burning sensation on the lips or on another body part where they usually experience outbreaks. This is the virus localizing in the are. And it is a sign that a cold sore is on its way.

When you experience this warning sign, it is important that you take action. By taking action you will greatly speed up the cold sore healing process and allow yourself to get over it as quickly as possible. The first thing to be aware of is that covering the cold sore with makeup will make it worse. You want to keep the area clean and dry and without covering. Do not touch your cold sore with your hands either as this can aggravate the outbreak and you risk spreading the virus to other parts of the skin or other people.

The next step to take is to apply an anti-viral lotion on the area that is tingly. You can purchase an anti-viral lotion at any major pharmacy or drug store. Then you are going to want to begin taking herbal supplements that treat cold sore virus. The best natural cure for cold sores is lysine which is often sold as Super Lysine in grocery and health food stores. Lysine prevents the herpes virus from effectively replicating as well as charges the immune system so that it is better able to suppress the outbreak.

Finally, tea bags have been shown to be effective at treating cold sore outbreaks. In order to use a tea bag to treat cold sores, you are simply going to want to submerge the tea bag in hot water. Take it out and pat off the excess water. Then simply apply to the area on the face where the cold sore is present for ten to fifteen minutes. The natural properties of the tea will help speed along the healing process.

As you can see there are several natural cold sore cures and you are going to want to use all of them in order to get rid of your cold sore quickly and efficiently.

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