One of the more recent trends in jewelry is the strong interest in natural colored jewelry. Earthy tones like olive greens, browns, amber and champagne have become more and more popular.

Celebrities wearing these natural colored diamonds while on the red carpet has helped create some of the interest in this type of jewelry, but these natural tones have hit the mark with a wide audience. These natural colored gems are a perfect accent to earth toned clothing, or even a variety of muted clothing colors.

But another thing that has made them more popular is the green movement. The shift towards being green and becoming more environmental also seems to have made some of these natural colors more popular. Natural or earth colored jewelry seems to fit the whole movement.

Natural Colored Diamonds

Those who have a preference for brown diamonds, like the champagne diamond, can actually get an exquisite colored diamond that was made by the earth. Natural colored diamonds are made by specific conditions that existed under the earths as the diamond was being formed. Intense pressure and heat combined with certain elements found naturally in the earth can create color in the diamonds. The colors can range from browns to pinks and blues.

At one time white diamonds seemed to be more respected and admired in the main stream. Diamonds that had a slight hue or a bit of color to them were considered poorer quality. Those that had a yellow or brownish color were thought to be lesser gems.

That has changed as natural colored diamonds, particularly the browns, have become more sought after for their stunning beauty. Of course the more valuable stones are still graded with the 4Cs but with colored diamonds the hue and intensity of the color plays a big part in the price of the diamond.

Other Affordable Options

But not all of us can afford these natural colored diamonds, as some can be quite expensive. Luckily there are other options. If you like the look of colored diamonds but don't have the budget for them you might want to look for ones that are enhanced in a lab. In a controlled laboratory setting lesser gems can have their color enhanced to create a desirable look.

Another great option for natural looking jewelry includes pieces that are made with chunky natural stones like tiger eye. There are some beautiful pieces available that include polished stones or even shaped stones in a variety of settings. You may even be able to find something made by a local artist to get a unique design.

Whether you prefer the elegance of champagne diamond jewelry or the slightly more rugged look of a rough cut stone there are some great options of natural colored jewelry available.