What is anal fistula

Anal fistula or posterior fistula is a protrusion between the end of the anal canal and the skin around the anus. In layman’s description, if you have a swelling around the anus area which is not piles, then most likely it is anal fistula. The problems associated with anal fistula range from slight discomfort to acute pain and discharge. From the medical fraternity, there is no oral treatment for anal fistula, let alone natural cure for it. The only accepted medical treatment is surgery, which is painful and not very effective. Ask those who have undergone surgery for anal fistula and you would most probably receive negative answers. I like to share with you this natural cure for anal fistula which I have personally cured myself, not once but twice. My first encounter with anal fistula was nearly 40 years ago. And I managed to cure it with my own treatment. The second time was just recently. It was not a relapse because the recent anal fistula was at a different place. I used the same natural treatment and happily, my problem solved!

Milk and Ghee

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Natural treatment for anal fistula with milk and ghee

This natural treatment is very simple and cheap. Please don’t ask me how this treatment works because I honestly don’t know. What I am sure is that this treatment solved my problem, not once but twice. This is what I did. The ingredients are just milk and ghee. Take a tablespoon of ghee with a glass of warm milk in three simple steps. Step one, put a tablespoon of ghee in your mouth. Step two, take a bit of milk to help swallow the ghee. And step three, finish drinking the glass of warm milk.

Do this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach or after a very light breakfast. I took mine on an empty stomach. Then the second time before going to sleep at night. Repeat this treatment for two weeks. By then you should have consumed about 300gm. of ghee. From my experience and from testimonies of those who have done this natural treatment, you will feel the positive effect within a week of taking this milk and ghee.


As with all treatments, even including approved medical treatments, not everyone will respond positively one hundred per cent. In some cases, there may even failures. I don’t claim that everyone will be cured by following my natural treatment. I just want to share with you what had cured me, and I hope this will cure your ailment too. What I can assure is that milk and ghee are natural substances and even if there is no positive response, they should not do any harm either.

However, if you do not feel comfortable with this natural treatment, please do not follow my suggestion. As with all standard medical precaution, it is prudent for the patient to consult a registered doctor for an opinion.