When deciding on which cures for constipation to use, it is recommended that you try the natural ones first. You can relieve your constipation and avoid the problem again by simply changing your diet to include a few different foods.

When you are plagued with constipation, it is an indication that your diet does not contain the proper foods to keep your body functioning correctly. Adding the below listed foods to your daily diet will eliminate your constipation and ensure that you don't suffer with the problem again.

The best of the natural cures for constipation is fiber. Adding ground flaxseed to your diet will provide you with lots of beneficial fiber that will be sure to remedy your constipation problem. It can be added to oatmeal (which is also full of fiber), yogurt or smoothies. The recommended amount is two tablespoons. This is one of the best cures for constipation. You should be sure to include flaxseed in your diet every day.

Eat lots of fiber rich vegetables which include spinach, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. Beans are also an excellent source of fiber to help cure constipation. Also consume lots of fruit - the ones with the most fiber are pears, apples, berries, peaches, prunes, grapes and papaya.

Another source of fiber which is a great cure for constipation is psyllium husk. It is an all natural fiber which comes in powder or capsule form. If you take the capsules, make sure you take them with lots of water. Psyllium husk is an over the counter product, but you should still seek advice from your doctor before you take it.

One of the most important factors in curing constipation is drinking lots of pure water. Water keeps your system flushed out and lubricated. Drink at least eight to ten full glasses of water every day.

Along with adding the fiber rich foods to your diet, there are some foods which should be avoided when you are constipated. These are cheese, meats, sugar laden foods and processed foods. Your diet should consist of vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and whole grains such as oatmeal, barley or brown rice.

When your constipation problems are over, you should still eat these same foods, but you can add back in the meat and cheese (always stay away from processed foods and sugar laden foods). If you follow this kind of a healthy diet, your constipation problems will not occur again.

Another one of the best cures for constipation is exercise. Be sure to include at least thirty minutes of activity every day. Walking is one of the best exercises you can do and will keep your body functioning properly.

Incorporating these dietary changes and adding exercise into your daily routine are the best natural cures for constipation. Keep them a part of your lifestyle and you will never have to deal with constipation again.