Natural Cures for Cold Season

With cold season coming upon us, you may find that you are in need of some good natural cures for the cold seasons. Instead of putting chemicals in your body, why not try some good old natural ways to cure this illness.

 At the sign of an illness, using Echinacea can reduce your symptoms. This is one sure way of eliminating the effects of it in the season coming up. It's one of the best natural cures for this type of illness that you should always keep handy. You can purchase Echinacea at your local health store. It's important to purchase an organic product for quality purposes when you purchase Echinacea or any herbal product.

 Drinking fluids like herbal teas, water and orange juice can help keep you from dehydrating and will also increase your chances of getting better quicker. Some excellent herbal tea for this type of illness is Marjoram tea. This herbal tea will help the digestive system feel better. Ginger tea is also great to relieve symptoms. You can get these types of teas at most organic food stores. Be sure to get a natural, quality product.

 If you eat Chicken Soup or even chicken broth, it is very beneficial while you are sick. In studies, Chicken soup actually reduced symptoms in patients. This makes it a good method to help alleviate the symptoms of the common cold.

 Taking a Vitamin C tablet can help give your body the amount of Vitamin C your body needs to prevent an illness. Vitamin C is a good preventative measure. It has not been proven to help cure the symptoms. The best way to use Vitamins C is to use it before you get sick.

 There are many herbs, besides Echinacea, that are recommended to take for a cold. The Eyebright herb can be used for decongestion. There are many natural cures like, cinnamon. You can buy Cinnamon bark tea at most health food stores. You can also try Elder which is a type of herb that will actually help you to sweat out the cold. You can get this in tablet or capsule form at local health food stores as well.

 Of course, getting plenty of rest is a very important part of natural cures for the cold season. When your body is sick, your immune system needs to work overtime to rebuild your bodies strength. Rest is a key part of the component to do just that.