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Losing weight has been an all-time goal for a lot of people of different age and gender for varying reasons. While most people have achieved this through the traditional way, others prefer to use supplements. This is actually normal since cutting down your food intake and  increasing your physical activities  is not as simple as it sounds. As of today, several people opt for natural diet pills to increase their chances of slimming down. But, are these supplements  really safe and effective? As you read  further, you will find-out the answer to this question. Along with that, you will also read about the highly recommended supplements you can take for your weight loss goal.  

Are natural diet pills effective?

In today’s market, there are thousands of weight loss products labeled as “100% effective”. But, not all these products are really worth your money. So, how will you know if you are choosing an effective slimming supplement? There are actually several factors that determine its quality and efficacy. However, the most important one is the active ingredient used in the drug formulation. As of today, numerous herbal plants are used as active ingredients in various food supplements. But, not all of them can give you efficient weight loss results. Furthermore, the effects may also vary depending on the natural product used. Some may suppress your appetite, block cholesterol absorption, act as a stimulant or induce defecation. To give you a better view, here is a list of the most common natural diet pills and their specific effect.

  • Green tea extract – Diet pills with green tea extract as its main component lowers your body mass by first suppressing your appetite and second by increasing your metabolism or calorie burning process. But, this is not the only benefit it can provide. As you know, green tea is highly beneficial to your body. By, taking this supplement, you will also improve your health.

  • Acai berry – Acai berry is another popular supplement sold today. Not only does it increase your metabolism. It is also rich in antioxidants that can help boost your immune system, defy premature aging and bring forth radiant skin.

  • Green coffee bean extract – This specific product became popular when it was featured in “The Dr. Oz Show” as an efficient weight loss supplement especially those labelled with  “45% cholinergic acid”. Its main slimming effects are suppressing your appetite and increasing your metabolism. Like acai berry, green coffee bean extract is also rich in antioxidants. Hence, it can also protect and liberate your body from free radicals and other harmful substances.

  • Senna – Another popular herbal product is senna. This is the most common active ingredient in most slimming tea products. As you know, it is widely known for its laxative and colon cleansing effect.

These are the most common natural diet pills sold in today’s market. Regarding their efficacy, of course, these are merely supplements. Meaning, they can only aid in weight loss and not provide significant results. So, you cannot rely on these pills alone. You still have to  follow a good diet and workout plan suitable for your lifestyle. 

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Are natural diet pills safe for regular use?

It is a common misconception that all natural products are safe and will not have side-effects. The truth is, anything that is excessively consumed is harmful to your health whether it’s a synthetic or herbal medication. Having said that, natural diet pills should be taken with precaution. Some can cause allergic reactions aside from their known side-effects. These supplements can also negatively interact with other medications. Hence, before you decide to take these products,  one must first consult a reliable medical professional especially when  you have an underlying medical condition. This is also highly recommended if you are pregnant  or nursing a baby. 


When choosing for the right dietary supplement, a thorough research should always be done first. Don't just follow the current hype or trend. Although most of the above-mentioned natural diet pills have already been proven and studied regarding its effectiveness, it is still best to choose one that is suitable for your lifestyle and health.

Aside from that, always keep in mind that most manufacturers of food supplements are not required to get FDA approval. Hence, the quality of these products is not meticulously assessed. To avoid buying low-quality products, you should only opt for reputable brands or manufacturers. One should also check the product’s label carefully. If ingredients are not indicated, it is best not to purchase it. 

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