Lets Talk About Hemp

A Smart Choice for Natural Fabric Clothing

Hemp as a plant is a crop that is very good for the earth. It requires very little water and no pesticides to help it grow. With each crop the soil that hemp has been planted in renews itself because the long roots of the plant retain tops oil. The long roots also help to prevent the soil from eroding. It is a readily renewable crop. 

As a natural fiber for clothing, hemp is very economical to grow. Due to the 
fact that the plant requires little water and no harsh chemicals, hemp becomes a crop that is inexpensive to grow. The clothing made from hemp fibers is excellent for the outdoors because it resists mold and protects the wearer from ultra violet light. Like cotton, hemp clothing is very light weight and absorbent. Unlike cotton, hemp has three times the strength of cotton. Hemp fibers can be woven with other fibers to make clothing that is a combination of fabrics. It is common to see cotton and hemp blended together to produce natural fiber clothing and organic fashions. Adidas Hemp CollectionCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jannetoivoniemi/3043218099/sizes/s/in/photostream/

Hemp fabric is used for many goods besides hippie women's clothing. Products include dress shirts, skirts, jeans, jackets and its strength lends well to tennis shoes and sneakers. Adidas, the popular footwear company, produced its first line of athletic hemp footwear called "Chronics". Today the foot wear line still reigns popular for Adidas and is currently called the "Gazelle Collection".

Hemp, when it is used to produce natural clothing, is often combined with cotton because this combination regulates its softness. The tensile strength of hemp is often a trait that lends hemp fabric to become used in canvas production, building materials and even paper goods.


It Is Not Just for Natural Clothing

As stated above, hemp is often used for products other than natural clothing. Paper goods and canvas are common products but hemp oil leads to the production of other products. Hemp oil sometimes called hempseed oil can be eaten. It is a rich source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 natural fatty acids. Hemp oil has a pleasant grassy and nutty flavor. Organic health food stores often carry this wonderful tasting oil. Look for it in the refrigerated section of the store since heat and light can break down the natural properties of this oil. 

Besides cooking, hemp oil is used in many body care products. It is common to see this wonderful oil used in lip balms, soaps,  natural hair care products like shampoo and conditioner as well as detergents. Industrial strength hemp oil is used in products like paints, some fuels and even plastics. 

The manufacturing process of hemp oil strips away the element of THC that has given hemp as a plant, fabric and oil a bad name. Although trace amounts of the drug may remain, the majority or 99.9% of the THC is typically removed. The hemp plant grown as a fiber for fabric has no value as a drug and misinformation about the hemp plant has prevented the crop from being widely produced in the United States. "An American grain farmer may net $8 per hectare for grain crops while Canadian farmers yield $80 per hectare of hemp."[3970]

It is the cellulose fiber of the this commercial plant that is made to produce fabric and China is the world's leading producer of hemp fabric. Hemp is grown and harvested in Canada, Europe, Russia and China. It is still not legal to grow this crop in the United States. As a consumer, purchasing hemp products like clothing, oil, shampoos, lip balm and other hemp made elements will procure legalization for this crop in the United States. If a consumer is demanding a product, corporate America will find a way to give it to them.

Natural Hemp Clothing

The Future of Fashion

Adidas has already jumped on the band wagon when it comes to incorporating hemp into a fashion statement. They might be considered leaders in the market since their hemp shoe lin

Hemp FashionCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chasbot/6070097643/sizes/n/in/photostream/e was produced in the late 1990's. They paved the way for this eco-friendly fabric to appear in top fashions.

Designers in New York have not been blind to this fabric. They recognize the need for sustainable and earth friendly fabrics. The Hemp Industries Association (HIA) has worked diligently to bring this earth friendly fabric to the runways. Designers, including Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Donnatella Versace, and Isabella Toleda have produced stunning hemp fashions. Their designs include organic jersey knits along with hemp and silk charmeuse.

Are you still a fan of hippie hemp women's clothing? Never fear, hippie hemp clothing has not lost its appeal. The association of hemp with an alternative lifestyle is common place. Hippie hemp clothing is here to stay and with good reason. It is earth friendly, mold resistant, inexpensive to produce and UV protective. 

How Natural Hemp Fabric is Made